Sunday, August 9, 2015

refresh, cleanse and make new again

If you remember this post you remember that Lily was displaced for a while. I wanted to make it up to her because it wasn't her idea and she gave up her room. I gave her room a more grown up feel a couple of years ago so I wasn't about to spend any money on it. The rule was, use what we have and I will make it work.

I happened to have a credit at Pottery Barn from a few years ago.  I have bought a few little bits here and there, bookbags, lunch boxes but still had some. I suggested she look at their website for a duvet cover and we would use that as our guide. She did, it was on sale and I STILL have credit.

Of course I didn't take any "before" photos but luckily these work.

That's a lot of colour
It was OK but I never really liked it.It was just too busy for me.
Lily chose all the colours that she wanted to use from her new duvet cover and I set to work.
Spray paint, oh how I love thee
Painting mirrors it taxing but after a failed attempt I got it
An old cashmere sweater that hasn't been worn in years but I couldn't get rid of it. (very out of character)

No longer a sweater but a cushion.
I didn't have any cushions that would match so I went to Pinterest for some ideas. I found them. I up cycled that old 80's style jumper into a cushion and it was so easy.

Since this makeover was all about not spending money, she had to choose a duvet cover that would work with the existing paint colour.  I did have to buy 2 tins of spray paint which was shocking cos if you only knew how many I had.

The total cost, out of pocket, for this room  makeover was less than $8

Ta da.

Much fresher
And.... she de-cluttered. YAY
I love it and so does Lily.


  1. Bravo! Very impressive makeover, and I like the price tag. :)

  2. You are so resourceful!!! Great make-over!

  3. Looks fab million times better than before, you are so clever and I love your taste. xxx