Tuesday, August 11, 2015


We don't have waves here so it isn't unusual for me to drive a few hours in either direction to find some for the girls. Our absolute favourite wavey beach is in Brevard County at Sebastian Inlet. I recently invited my friend Becky to join us in a wave day at Sebastian.  After a 3 hour drive we were minutes from the beach and the sky looked like this. Things weren't looky good but at least if a strom blew through the waves would be amazing.

We sat in the car at the inlet and ate lunch to the sounds of mother nature as she entertained us, and scared Rosie silly with quite the storm. Finally it blew away and we headed down to the beach. As we walked up over the dunes Becky said, oh yeah, great waves and as I looked to see the water I realised she was being sarcastic, it was flat calm, like glass. I was dumbfounded.I have never ever seen Sebastian flat.

Lilys face says it all
flat like a pancake
but if there is a wave in a 200 mile radius, someone is ready
and happy

In the end they sat down and waited for the waves to come
it amused them
some were downright enthusiastic
It wasn't long before it started raining again. It was time to admit defeat and head home but not before taking a stroll along the waters edge with Rosie and seeing a shark about 2 feet from our feet. Rosie wasn't impressed and was seen fleeing the scene.

It was a lovely day with Becky as we got to talk for 6 hours straight, something we don't do ever.  Sadly she just lost her remaining sister to an accidental drug overdose. I met her 2 days after she buried her other sister who was killed in a car accident. It was good to hear her laugh and have a good time.


  1. Wow - that sky looks scary!! And that is the calmest water I have ever seen!!

    What a sad situation for your friend. So glad you could lift her spirits a bit.

  2. At least you "made lemonade out of lemons"! Rosie always looks so happy....waves or no waves!

  3. We had a west wind that day (stationary cold front to the north of us, giving us a west to east flow and heavy afternoon storms)...west (land) wind, no waves. However, I must say that is pretty flat for Sebastian Inlet and I have been going there since I was a kid. It was a stormy day and we had to travel down to Vero that day. Don't plan to come up here again before school because we are having some dandy storms up here, though it is supposed to drop to 50% by the weekend!! Today was long and intense (the house shaking kind of thunder). First time ever that I have seen Gracie (cat) head under the bed; she usually is not phased by the thunder. Tomorrow is 80%. :( Glad y'all made the most of it and enjoyed your time with Becky.