Thursday, August 13, 2015

once more to the beach, dear friends

Since our trip to Sebastian was a bit unsuccessful we decided to whiz over to the other coast and visit Marco Island. The girls fancied their luck at shelling. A few years ago Lily found a really gorgeous conch shell there. We set off early in the morning and were there in 90 minutes. Just as we arrived, you guessed it, the heavens opened. We once again ate a picnic  2 bites in the car and just as quickly as it had begun it was over so we headed to the beach.

It's a bit of a trek in Marco to get from the car park to the beach as they have built so many million dollar homes and condos on the beachfront that public access is impossible. I think this is one of the things that keeps the crowds down. Once we rounded the corner and could see the beach we were in awe.

Miles and miles of uninterrupted beach and not a soul in sight
I'm sure it's unusual to have this much tidal difference in Florida.
Once we finally trekked ALL the way to the waters edge we were surprised to find waves, BIG WAVES. Gah! The girls didn't bring boards cos their mother assured them their would be no waves. Never mind lets get in the ocean or start shelling or something cos the storm is heading back this way.

We played dodge the thunderstorm most of the day but it was worth it.

The reality of summer in Florida
We have decided to call pelicans Florida Penguins. At least it makes us think of cooler temps
waves, Florida sized ones
The water looked so dirty from all the sand being churned up.
The girls collected tonnes of shells. They would dive head first into the waves near a ridge and scoop them up. Every now and again they would pick up a live one and shriek and the shell would get tossed far far away.

Before leaving the beach they picked through the ones they wanted and ended up with 2 small buckets full. I apparently was paying close enough attention cos one of them placed a bucket with water in it in the back of the car!! On the way home it was tipped over and when we got home I had a soggy car but the next morning when I opened the car to go to work was when I found the real problem. It stank to high heaven. Lovely and I had to valet park. I drove with the windows down and sprayed Febreeze before I left and thankfully it helped.

We are heading back over to the west coast again before school starts, hopefully this time it won't be as stormy.


  1. What a beautiful beach! I love that you and the girls have these adventures. I need to be more adventurous with Michaela. The trouble is that where we live we have to drive a LONG way to get away from civilization. There are people, and cars, and buildings for miles and miles.

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun with miles of beach in sight. We used to go to Hunstanton when we were kids & sometime walk for what seemed forever & a day before we got to the water!

  3. That is such a lovely beach! And the best part - it's empty! That's the way I like it. :)