Monday, June 4, 2018

get er done

Ages ago I went back to school to study nursing. I loved it until things got smelly. I have a heightened sense of smell which when I have a migraine basically becomes a bionic smeller, add to this my fabulous gag reflex and the fact that I CAN NOT tolerate the smell of poop at all, and you have  a recipe for disaster. I received a ton of advise, you'll get used to it, use Vicks, essential oils etc under your nose etc. But it didn't and I know myself, quite well actually, and I am not going to be getting past this. Oncology nursing is filled with glamorous odours so I have had to reevaluate my decisions.

I'm back in the saddle and hell bent on getting the job done as fast as possible. I'm hitting the books full time now and won't stop until I graduate. It's hard but I want it behind me. I'm studying integrative health and nutrition and when all is said and done I will have a BA in nutrition. I have always had issues with the American diet, always had issues with the FDA, especially the FDA. The food allowed over here and the additives in it make people ill and it is all backed by a government agency. And worse, in my opinion, all the people promoting health are subsidizing big sugar, corn, dairy and the meat rest assured they aren't biased. Snort.

So I delve and learn, and I educate. I've always been a bit of weirdo by US standards with what I will and won't allow the kids to eat. Rosie has NEVER had a McDonalds and I am treated like a freak for this. Lily had 2 and both times suffered projectile vomiting. We don't and won't eat fast food. They get plenty of crap but now that too is changing.

My brother has walked this walk for years, and now I proudly follow.

There is so much more to nutrition than the old adage, you are what you eat.

Monday, May 28, 2018

plus one

During Spring break, the week before Easter for us, Lily received a text from her bestie that went something like this: I'm with my mum at work and one side of her face has gone all droopy and she can't move one side of her body, what should I do.  Thankfully Lily knew what to tell her to do and after quite a production the woman went to hospital.

Since the stroke righted itself they decided to run a whole lot of tests since the mum had been suffering severe back pain for a while which was why K was with her at work, to help. Tests revealed advanced stage, aggressive metastatic breast cancer. The pain in her back was caused by the cancer there.

Oh my.

This is where the story gets very long and complicated. Choices had to be made and the mother decided to move to South Carolina so that she could live with her other much much older  daughter and receive treatment there. But what about K? K is 16, just and in a veterinary program at a magnet school and starting SAS with Lily in August. Her family has nothing, NOTHING, its very sad. They aren't close either and the more the story unfolded the worse it got and the madder I got.

So we made a decision to allow K to move in with us but that had to be done somewhat legally without me becoming a legal guardian. Papers were drawn up and her mother signed her over...literally. She never came into my house to see where she would be living and she never spoke to me, she only speaks Spanish. I can natter in Spanish but cannot hold legal conversations in it. K arrived the next day, April 24th with a small duffel and a cardboard box, her worldly possessions inside the 2.  Everything else was donated, or throw away.

When the mum was in hospital here no other family members came, NONE. This 16 yr old would leave school, go to visit her mum, leave at 10.30 at night and go to her house and sleep. I wasn't happy but I didn't know the whole story, now I do and I am furious.

K has 4 siblings and they all can't be bothered and K is a burden to the family. That was the word used by her aunt. When it came time for K to say goodbye to her mum everyone fought so as not to have to pay her fare. They asked her to find her own transportation and that's when I stepped in and told them NO. A 16 yr old female is NOT travelling for 16 hours alone on a train and forget about the bus it just wasn't going to happen.  She left last Monday, I withdrew her from school as it was my understanding her mum was nearing the end. Now I fear that the older sister basically wanted her very own Cinderella.

It wasn't easy having her here, she was raised by people very different than those who raised me and it was challenging. When I asked her if she wanted me in her corner with regard to her family she said she did so I took a stand and they gave her so much grief and I was so disgusted that I decided to speak up. She wants to come back after her mum dies but I am not sure if the sister will permit it. She certainly won't pay for it.

So things here are busy, complicated and nutty. Oh and I am in school fulltime, Im not taking any time off.

Each day I text her and each day the text starts like this:  Hi Cinderelly, you ok?

I fialed to mention her father died of cancer when she was 7. Basically her life sucks donkey balls.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

bye bye elementary school

She did it. I cannot begin to tell you how hard she worked for it. Frankly I hope she doesn't go that mad for it again as the pressure she put on herself was madness. But now she knows she can.
2 awards, one for PE that should come as a shock to no one and the other for Academic Excellence . that is for always working hard and and always doing her best
She is beaming. The teacher behind was Lily's gifted teacher and was slightly surprised to see her.
And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the Pickle has graduated from Elementary school to Middle school. School would be fine in her eyes if she could do math and science all morning and the afternoon were dedicated to art and PE.

This year her teacher was Mrs Jackson. I had never ever encountered her with  Lily and had no idea what to expect. OHMYGOD, possibly the greatest teacher that could ever walk the planet. In the afternoons she had math and science with Mrs Mastrapa also phenomenal. I love this school and 99% of the teachers, this year Mrs Jackson raised the bar.

Every semester Rosie gets Honor Roll, without fail but she has never had an A in reading and the elusive Principals Honor Roll has remained out of her grasp...... until this year.

On Friday they had their promotion ceremony.

Embossed invitations were sent home to the parents, Unhusbands were harshly informed that they HAD to be there and that it didn't matter if they didn't sleep the night before and they lost the use of both legs, somehow they would show up on time!!! And that was Lily telling him, not me. The dress code strongly suggested, Sunday best for the girls or pant suits. We tried that and to say it made her miserable was an understatement. I decided she needed to be comfortable so that she could hold her head up high. I changed the rules and she was able to march onto that stage like a boss. She went to the orthodontist the day before and even had her bands changed to match the colours in her outfit.

I am so proud of her. She worked so hard, her teacher is amazing and I am extremely grateful for everything she did.

 Onwards and upwards little one, only good things lay ahead.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

mothers day

It never gets old, this mothering thing. Sometimes a little trying or challenging but never old. I swear that if our destiny is written before we are even born, this would be mine.

I truly hope I don't take it for granted, them for granted. I try to remain in the moment and enjoy the small moments the times when it is just us doing very ordinary things with a tonne of love and a lot of giggles. I'm know sometimes I fail and I always own those times.

Sometimes it feels like it's just us, the 3 musketeers (and a dog), taking on the world and we manage to rock it.

My idea for mothers day was to head out in a kayak into the peace and quiet of the Atlantic but the weather man said it was a foolish idea due to thunderstorms. Due to aforementioned storms we decided to head to the beach instead, with Houndish in tow.

how they love having a dog.
the girls weere throwing stones into the ocean and the hound just couldn't figure it all out. 
Little weirdo loves to lie down in the water. Look at the tip of her tail poking up. Makes me laugh
I sees dat....but I don't know what it is. Saw her first squirrel and was not at all interested in chasing it. 
She loves to drink from the stream of water rather than the bowl
Her impression of a seal. Where are your ears houndish?
Loves Lily and loves the ocean.
The girls love to run with her
proof that we were there
Key Biscayne
It was lashing rain and the wind picked much fun.
One exhausted hound.
I love being outdoors away from the crowds. It is hard here to get away from people but today the weather was so crummy that I knew the beaches would be empty. Many people here believe that getting wet in the rain causes you to get a cold so with the lashing rain ( but 83 degree temps) I knew it would be perfect and it was.

First we walked around a park and then headed to the ocean.

We had a simply wonderful time. The dog gets crazy in water and that in turn makes the girls hysterical. Fun was had by all.

I love these 2 girls ferociously, I enjoy their company so so much and am thankful that they like to spend time with me just doing the mundane stuff and sometimes adventuring.

Their kindness baffles me and I am always amazed out how thoughtful they are.

We recently added another member to the household and I am learning just how lucky I am with the dynamic that we 3 have.

Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love and nurture you both. xxxx

( oh Lunes was running through a huge puddle and failed to notice the massive storm drain and her skinny legs went straight down it rendering them cut and bloodied hence the bandages. She will be fine but they need to heal a bit so she cant lick them into oblivion. )

Monday, April 30, 2018

lifeguard on duty

The girls love nothing more than visiting our friends and taking Lunes along for the ride. Shara and her hubby are big dog lovers and big lovers of life and whatever they do their dogs do too.  Whenever we go over to visit, we take the dog too.

We stopped by the other day and went for a dip.  Luna loves water but she is clueless in a pool. In the ocean where the depth increases slowly she does great but in a pool where you have a sudden drop off she is clueless and almost kills herself so she has to wear a life jacket. She will literally jump in to the deep end and due to the nature of this beast when she leaps she leaps far and will end up in the middle of the pool going glug, glug, glug.

such a brave hound on the first step....oy!
Hound decided the hot tub with its sheer drop would be fun...Lily to the rescue
Ill jump in right here. and splash.
everybody knows that you needs to shower after a swim and that includes one very unimpressed Lunes!
I had to get one more post in before the end of the month. So much going on and I have no time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

not that kind of mum

On Saturday, seconds after I walked into the house from work, Lily bebopped up to me with an idea that she thought was, "just fabulous". Mum, can Kathy come over and we can bake cookies together? Frankly that's a no brainer and the answer was yes. I told Lily we would go to the store and pick Kathy up on our way home.

As we were walking through Publix Lily asked my what we needed to make sugar cookies and I looked at the very blankly and said, I have no freaking idea, I wish I was a baking kind of mum but I am not. And so out came my phone and google to the rescue.

We got all her necessary requirements and checked out and went and picked up Kathy.

Oh Easter why the F@#$ do you insist on being such a messy occasion?

I used to have cookie cutters for EVERY SINGLE OCCASION but we never bake cookies so I ditched them all. The girls actually molded the dough into the shapes they needed The girls had a blast and I was really happy that Lily allowed her little seester to be involved.

Chef extaordinaire
Make sure you use a lot of flour wasn't wasted on this one
cute little shapes
and then Kathy started the painstaking process of making her cookies perfect. 
the delightful blue one is Ro's, the really crafty ones, Kathys.
The top ones her are Rosies. I love her tiny chickie.
So that ends the messy decorating until the holidays roll around, thank god.

Monday, April 2, 2018

easter mess

I love decorating for any occasion but I like to keep it simple, too much of anything gets me a little overwhelmed, almost as if I cannot breathe.

Since we had a rather hectic week with the pooch being in hospital Easter got a bit sidetracked and by the time I thought about decorating eggs it was already Friday.

Decorating eggs is the work of Satan, I am convinced. It is the messiest, most disgusting craft out there. So much mess. We have tried all sorts of ways, silk ties, shaving foam, post it notes, plain old dye, colouring, blowing, hard boiling, it's all the freaking same, it's hell on earth.

I was surprised when Rosie wanted to do it because she isn't into messy things and crafting isn't exactly her thing but she did, so we did and Lily even joined us. This year we they decided upon the whipped cream method.

My camera was acting up so I took a few shots after giving it a fiddle. These are just so gorgeous in colour and taste
Task at hand. White eggs
a few drops of poison food colouring 
drip drip drip all over the whipped cream
swirl it about with a tooth pick
attempt 2
Rosies second attempt
sort of dyed eggs
yuck, that is just ugly
broken and all.
so there we have it, another eggcellent, or not so much, eggstravaganza in the books.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Camp OB

When we took the archery class the instructor told us that if we wanted to sign up for a more advanced class to head to Camp OB. I had no idea what he was saying or where it was so after class I inquired. He said, Camp OB is 30 minutes from here, it's the park with the caves.

Say what? Caves, here in SoFl. I have lived here for over 30 years and had never heard of them, The unhusband was born here and when I asked him he looked at me with his, you aren't too swift, face and then when I asked Jenny she too was clueless. I knew we had to go.

On Wednesday we made it our adventure de jour.

The weather was fabulous the location close by and the park itself was absolutely deserted and just gorgeous. We checked in with the park office and were handed a map....which if anyone cares we failed to read properly and missed the caves completely and walked and walked and walked. I, who has no sense of direction, took said map and figured it out.

ready and raring to go
Its so gorgeous....but thankful it's not my house
Hurricane Irma really hit hard here
It's quite amazing how mother nature manages to survive if she has just a small chance

weird peeling tree
so many cut down trees still waiting to be cleared but this one was gorgeous
She cannot stop laughing, the sole fell off of my shoe
cave entrance
It was surprisingly cold and smelly down there
Florida is virtually at sea level so it is quite surprising to have these here
trees growing right through them
which one gets thrown in first
good luck getting out
no water but she tried
Rosie in a hole
hmmm, note to self focus the camera.
We had the best time, really we did. We were giddy from it all but our joy was short lived. we got home to a seriously sick pup.