Wednesday, April 4, 2018

not that kind of mum

On Saturday, seconds after I walked into the house from work, Lily bebopped up to me with an idea that she thought was, "just fabulous". Mum, can Kathy come over and we can bake cookies together? Frankly that's a no brainer and the answer was yes. I told Lily we would go to the store and pick Kathy up on our way home.

As we were walking through Publix Lily asked my what we needed to make sugar cookies and I looked at the very blankly and said, I have no freaking idea, I wish I was a baking kind of mum but I am not. And so out came my phone and google to the rescue.

We got all her necessary requirements and checked out and went and picked up Kathy.

Oh Easter why the F@#$ do you insist on being such a messy occasion?

I used to have cookie cutters for EVERY SINGLE OCCASION but we never bake cookies so I ditched them all. The girls actually molded the dough into the shapes they needed The girls had a blast and I was really happy that Lily allowed her little seester to be involved.

Chef extaordinaire
Make sure you use a lot of flour wasn't wasted on this one
cute little shapes
and then Kathy started the painstaking process of making her cookies perfect. 
the delightful blue one is Ro's, the really crafty ones, Kathys.
The top ones her are Rosies. I love her tiny chickie.
So that ends the messy decorating until the holidays roll around, thank god.

Monday, April 2, 2018

easter mess

I love decorating for any occasion but I like to keep it simple, too much of anything gets me a little overwhelmed, almost as if I cannot breathe.

Since we had a rather hectic week with the pooch being in hospital Easter got a bit sidetracked and by the time I thought about decorating eggs it was already Friday.

Decorating eggs is the work of Satan, I am convinced. It is the messiest, most disgusting craft out there. So much mess. We have tried all sorts of ways, silk ties, shaving foam, post it notes, plain old dye, colouring, blowing, hard boiling, it's all the freaking same, it's hell on earth.

I was surprised when Rosie wanted to do it because she isn't into messy things and crafting isn't exactly her thing but she did, so we did and Lily even joined us. This year we they decided upon the whipped cream method.

My camera was acting up so I took a few shots after giving it a fiddle. These are just so gorgeous in colour and taste
Task at hand. White eggs
a few drops of poison food colouring 
drip drip drip all over the whipped cream
swirl it about with a tooth pick
attempt 2
Rosies second attempt
sort of dyed eggs
yuck, that is just ugly
broken and all.
so there we have it, another eggcellent, or not so much, eggstravaganza in the books.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Camp OB

When we took the archery class the instructor told us that if we wanted to sign up for a more advanced class to head to Camp OB. I had no idea what he was saying or where it was so after class I inquired. He said, Camp OB is 30 minutes from here, it's the park with the caves.

Say what? Caves, here in SoFl. I have lived here for over 30 years and had never heard of them, The unhusband was born here and when I asked him he looked at me with his, you aren't too swift, face and then when I asked Jenny she too was clueless. I knew we had to go.

On Wednesday we made it our adventure de jour.

The weather was fabulous the location close by and the park itself was absolutely deserted and just gorgeous. We checked in with the park office and were handed a map....which if anyone cares we failed to read properly and missed the caves completely and walked and walked and walked. I, who has no sense of direction, took said map and figured it out.

ready and raring to go
Its so gorgeous....but thankful it's not my house
Hurricane Irma really hit hard here
It's quite amazing how mother nature manages to survive if she has just a small chance

weird peeling tree
so many cut down trees still waiting to be cleared but this one was gorgeous
She cannot stop laughing, the sole fell off of my shoe
cave entrance
It was surprisingly cold and smelly down there
Florida is virtually at sea level so it is quite surprising to have these here
trees growing right through them
which one gets thrown in first
good luck getting out
no water but she tried
Rosie in a hole
hmmm, note to self focus the camera.
We had the best time, really we did. We were giddy from it all but our joy was short lived. we got home to a seriously sick pup.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I recently found out that our local park systems offers all sorts of great classes and adventures and since this is the time of year to be outside I started to follow all their offerings closely. The girls have vastly different interests so I typically try and find something that appeals to each of them individually and when I saw archery lessons I knew it would appeal to Ro. I was correct in my assumption and also wrong as Lily was quite excited by the idea also. I signed us up.

Sunday morning was cool and breezy and the park we went to was just lovely
You know how serious Rosie is about everything
I just knew she was going to be great at this
First time and pretty amazing aim
The child with NO coordination
It was a small class so we have loads of arrow time
Shooting dinner
her hand next to her face with fingers out stretched is perfect form

Remember the comment about the child with NO coordination? She somehow managed to shoot her arrow sideways and smack one of the instructors in the head. Thankfully it was broadside and not the tip!
I took a lot of slo-mo videos which are amazing to watch. Today we are off to a nearby park that has caves, CAVES!!!
I have lived here for 30 something years and I had no idea we had caves. This should be a lot of fun unless.....bats! Shudder

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

one year later

One year ago, last Friday, the hound had been with us for an entire year. In many ways it seems like for EVER ago that we got her and in others, just a couple of months. But it is what it is and the not so little pooch has wrangled her way front and centre.

Spring break just happened to start on Friday so we packed a picnic, hopped into the car and headed south....way south, Key West south. We stopped whenever anyone wanted to see something, stopped for lunch and and stopped a couple of times to walk the hound on the beach.

For an impromptu trip it was fabulous. No time constraints, and just us.

Rosie decided selfies with Houndish were in order
A quick stop in Islamorada to dip their toes.
nothing but sea for miles
Little chap caught a fish and was so proud but his dad said he had to throw it back.
The old 7 Mile Bridge.
Bahia Honda State Park......Irma was not kind to the Keys and this park was hit very hard
Look at the colour of the water.....sadly we couldn't get to the beach. Blame Hurricane Irma
By chance she wore a blue/green made for gorgy photos
One of my favourite snaps of the day
better get swimming girls
and I repeat, Blame the Hurricane
It's a celebration, you need to have some ice cream
Oh looky, a secluded beach area
what do you think?
Alrighty then, you approve
and with that she went completely kittiwompas.
Rosie was the target of her fun and games
ready or not, here I come
good fun
not sure who had more fun
our favourite kayaking spot
out of control doggy on the bench
peek a boo I see you too
it was starting to get buggy so we called it a day.
I think she will always be nervous but as long as all of us are together she is really good at trying new things and going into the unknown.