Sunday, April 23, 2017

more learning

I might be an over thinker when it comes to some things and the dog is on the top of the list. This trait can make things overly complicated. Things were going swimmingly and then we hit a snag so I called the rescue and we all got some much needed training.  Luna went to "doggy jail" for a few days and we went to boot camp.

Things have gone swimmingly since her return. I am the boss and she is, after all, a dog.

We have met dogs in the neighbourhood and thankfully she ignores them, every last one. Yesterday some man with a fluff ball decided to push his luck, and even though I said she is very timid and doesn't really care for animals he knew best and marched up OUR driveway with his fluff ball. He then allowed his dog to sniff her and push her buttons. she backed away and I followed her. Luna at that point showed that she has mouth full of teeth and snarled at the dog. He still didn't flinch. You can't fix stupid. This is a prey dog, trained to hunt small things! 

Yesterday we went on a grey-date, it's a play date for greyhounds. As absurd as this sound, hounds only recognise other hounds. They have only ever lived in a kennel with 50-60 of them and have never seen other breeds. On our first trip to the vet she sat shaking at my feet surrounded by other nosey dogs and some free roaming cats, she hated it but as we left the exam room she saw another greyhound and gleefully trotted up to him as he cowered in the corner and they became stuck to each other.

Her first meeting with her new friend went exactly the same. Leslie and her dog, Fave, wandered in to a very secluded park that she told us about and the dogs were instant friends. It's very odd and quite amusing, who knew a dog could be a breed snob.

Luna and Rosie running ahead to check that the gates were closed so that the leashes could be taken off.
Why are we standing here doing nothing?
Fave. he is huge and so gentle
and that was that, fast friends
a walk to get things started
Now that I know I'm not the boss I don't even try to boss around my dog friends. 
I'm cute and very pretty.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

learning how to dog

I haven't had a dog since I was 16 ~ in case you aren't aware, that was quite some time ago. My parents had one after that but I had already moved away and I wasn't very fond of him since he growled the first time we met. I have managed to forget all the important stuff, like nail clipping, bathing, flea and tick control, heart worm meds, so much so that I am sure that we didn't do any of this. Lily informs me I must be wrong. Note to self, ask the daddio. I know they went to the vet regularly or the vet would come to us, I also know they were very well cared for so Lily is probably right.

This past fortnight has been one of lots of learning, specifically learning about greyhounds, who are, without a shadow of a doubt, quite unique and very very comical.

Luna doesn't like to walk, she really doesn't. I have been on forum after forum reading about this and all I can do is throw my hands in the air and say, when she is ready she will but in the meantime she keeps freezing. I have better luck than Lily as I just take my phone with me and give myself plenty P L E N T Y of time. When she freezes I read and then she gets bored so off we go, sometimes only 2 steps.

This was this morning. I think the entire neighbourood heard our laughter.
Lily hid her face as if you wouldn't know it was her.
I can't even look without laughing. Don't you just love how Luna is all relaxed? Rosie is in her jammies as it was very early when we left but then the sun came up. oh my.
The first time I picked her up she went as stiff as a board and it was like carrying a baby giraffe but after a second, or two, she decided it was lovely and she went all limp. Another note to self: dog is nuts.

This conversation was overheard by yours truly.

Child L: I'm going to check her for ticks.
Me: she is up to date on all her meds;
Child L: OMG I've found a tick, I've found a tick.
Child R: urghh That's not a tick that's her nipple!!!
Child L: oh, no wonder she was so resistant to me pulling it off.
Me: OMG you tried to pull her nipple off?
Child R: Yeap.
She wasn't injured, just her dignity. I gave child L an anatomy lesson and saved her from phantom tick scares.

Luna had her first vet visit this week and she is up to date on everything, they took out her dissolving stitches cos they hadn't dissolved and gave her a clean bill of health. She is much to skinny as she is still at her racing weight so at 4 yrs old she is on puppy chow as it is very high in calories.

She also had her her first bath and I can't say she was overly impressed.

Please excuse the old gate in the background I need to get to the tip
Why are you doing this to me?
I repeat, why are you doing this?
Oh my look at that fancy new gate that I BUILT...yes I did!
those eyes melt hearts
She appears to be getting smaller by the second, maybe she shrank!
Lily is so good with her, Rosie too but Lily is bossy so Ro got to hold the lead
And here are some random photos cos I like them.
always sleeping
furry little toes
Lily calls her Pirate due to her snaggle toof
Nice and clean after her bath and looking playful
Those ears! I call them her play ears. 
When she has a mad five minutes you better watch out cos she hauls arse around here, Lily calls it the zoomies, I call it time to dive for cover. She reminds me, in many ways, of the Weimeraner we had when I was growing up, she was my favourite favourite dog.

Tonight the girls are at their dads and someone isn't going to bed, she is keeping a vigil, I fear this is going to be a VERY long night.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

meet the hound.

This post will probably shock some of you and appall a few others but it is what it is and we are thrilled to bits.

For quite some time I have seriously been contemplating getting a dog. No one is more surprised by this than me, myself and I. I blame a lot of it on my clients and their wonderful dogs and of course the fact that growing up we ALWAYS had a dog and I loved it. But as with all good stories there is a but and this but was I was never sure if I could be the strong alpha type due to being bitten and that underlying fear.

I researched and researched and I knew we needed something small as we don't have a big garden....but I don't like little dogs. More people are bitten by small dogs than big ones. So on and on we went. I kept being sent to greyhound pages in my research. You can fill out, the perfect pet for you, questionnaires and they guide you through some choices.

Greyhounds are the least aggressive dog...hmmm. Retired racers don't like a lot of exercise as they are done with that nonsense and if you can find a hound that is being retired the chances are it will be put to sleep because frankly it's not worth anything anymore to it's owner. Greys are people pleasers and very very sensitive. You never raise your voice to a grey hound you lower you tone and use the hand signal for stop. And finally they are perfect apartment pets, well I don't live in an apartment but if they are fine there they will be fine here. Here we have every kind of rescue known to man, in fact I didn't even know there were so many breeds of dog so I looked for a greyhound rescue, and found a lot of them. We have more dog racing in Florida than in any other state. sad sad sad.

A few weeks ago I joined the Friends of Greyhound newsletter and when they had an event we attended. There must have been 30 hounds in a huge run and I wasn't even nervous, it was weird. We talked to people and dogs kept coming up to us for a lean and again I was fine with it. The more we talked to owners the more I realised this dog was for us. There were some available dogs for adoption there, all rescued racers. We met a dog called LuLu and she sealed the deal. We filled out an application. We had to read a a manual and pass a test. she was delivered to the house and the fun began.

In her 4 years of life LuLu had never seen a house EVER. She walked in quite happily, with Michelle from the rescue and promptly smacked in to a sliding glass door. Michelle whipped from her pocket some post-it notes and placed them at greyhound eye level. Then we toured the house and tweaked some more things. If you have never seen a mirror it is terrifying as there is a dog and you can't get to it and it's confusing. Never had toys or love or anything..sad sad sad. And now she has a name forever and it is Luna.

We have gone online and matched her tattoos with her racing history and know so much about her. She was raced heavily. She must have been good as she seems to have raced more than most although her stats didn't prove so impressive.

Things went well the first night, she slept in her crate with us close by but then, then there was a horrid evil bad storm and she freaked. And it was horrid but we have all recovered but as I am typing this another one is rolling in and she is terrified. A client gave her a thundershirt so I put it on her but possibly not fast enough. She is upstairs and has no plans on coming down again....EVER. I have learnt since that first night that it is best to ignore her when she gets like this but to offer her a safe space.

One step forward, 2 steps back.

This is Lunas impression of a statue. What she is doing is actually called freezing or statueing. It's a greyhound thing. We can be out for a walk and all of a sudden she hits the brakes and nothing, NOTHING can get her going again. You can't pull on their necks but you can push from behind but Luna just goes in circles when we do this to her. The other day I was stuck in one spot for 45 minutes. It will get better with time but right now she scares easily. Yesterday was a huge improvement in the statue arena. 

Shortly after arriving hence the panting, trying out her bed.
her nose is a little crooked, apparently her racing muzzle was too small. grrrr
greyhounds are typically very large, not Luna
This is called roaching, it's how greyhounds like to sleep. Hah they look like dead cockroaches.
I can't put in to words the joy she has brought to the girls

Greyhounds are complicated and it's funny. They get scared easily and look for love all the time. They cannot sit but they can lie. They don't typically lie on their chests. their thyroids are different than other dogs as are their temperatures. Their skin is super thin and they lack oil. They do not smell doggy and barely shed. She can get injured very easily. She is a 60lb toddler.

 So before you say, she is a tie and we won't be able to travel, YEP, you are right and we are OK with this. I didn't know how much we needed her.

We are still waiting for her tail to wag but she is starting to greet us as we walk in to the room. Her life on the track has been void of many things but I can look at her and tell her from the depths of my soul, that it's only good stuff from her on out.

Welcome Lunabellabunababoonbutt~ we think you are all that and a cup of tea.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

migraine ~ *edited*

Sorry I didn't really mean to go AWOL but I got walloped by what I will call one of the worst migraines of my life. Yes really. Yes.

I have been doing so well, I went almost 8 weeks,  E I G H T  whole weeks. That even included a menstrual cycle and I remained migraine free but then just as I thought I had a handle on them and just when I stated out loud to my seester what was going on I got knocked on my arse.

I was talking with a client who is a pediatrician, our pediatrician and I asked her, how her sons migraines were and she said much better. She orders this stuff from Amazon for him and it has not only cut down on the frequency but also the intensity.

I jumped on it.

And then I decided to go digging and what I found was alarming. This country doesn't tell the truth, not even a tiny bit, on it's food labels and it doesn't have to. Seriously, WTH?

I would wake up almost daily with a migraine, ( I call them headaches when I refer to them cos migraine sounds so dramatic, even though they are ) but some days I could knock it out with just 3 over the counter acetaminophen but sometimes it needed more. Sometimes I would wait and see if it would go but that's not the best way of dealing with them as they need to be treated at the onset. Treating at the onset is hard when you wake up with it cos you don't know how long you have had it. Sometimes I'd get up at 1, or 2, or 3 and take meds.

Almost every single night I would have an Edys Outshine bar, a tangerine one.

NO artificial flavours or colours. I cry bullsh*t
Lets look at the ingredients.........

Looks good right?
 Not so fast. Do you see that "turmeric oleoresin color", it's the very last ingredient. It sounds good right with the turmeric, everyone knows how popular turmeric is now and how we should all take it daily for optimum health.

It's total crap.
 No, I am not into essential oils AT ALL in fact quite the opposite but it states it clearly here and the other website that made me say, Oh shit, was this:

So I started to dig and really dig and research a lot more about migraines than ever before. I have always steered clear and steered the girlies clear of food colouring, it is my personal belief that stuff is off the devil. Red and blue need to be outlawed but it isn't going to help.

Sorry if this is boring....just skip to the end and I'll see you tomorrow.

So as I was fishing about I found this

and looky here!!!!!

Yellow food colouring.

Oleoresin is  given an E number, it becomes an artificial food colouring. Read about E numbers here.

All of that up there to say: I stopped eating them immediately and guess what? Yes, indeedy the daily headaches were gone. I am not waking up with one every effing day.

I added  Migrelief,  and vitamin B12 to my diet and I was doing swimmingly, I haven't had a stretch like this in years but then last Wednesday night I got smacked hard and for 5 days nothing would get rid of it for more than 4 hours. The pain was horrendous, my eyes teared, my speech slurred and frankly I would have been happy if the angel of death had visited.

These vitamins and minerals take 90 days to build up in your system so obviously they haven't had a chance yet.
I will not back down but I think I will do all the ingredients in the migrelief independently as opposed to premixed and I will follow Dr. Weils advice and take a lot, a really really huge amount of riboflavin.

the poisoning doesn't stop at yellow. It's bad bad stuff.

 But try this stuff, you have nothing to lose, only crippling pain. I'll keep you updated.

This post is long and I am still wary of staring at the screen for too long so I am going to hit publish.

*update* Hard to believe after all that writing that I failed to say what my new daily preventatives are.
vitamin b12
and a "good" probiotic.
Best of luck to all

Saturday, March 11, 2017

strawberry fields forever

Just a quick jaunt up the road we have a, You Pick, farm. When the girls were little we used to go quite often but now, well now I never go. When you consider that one of Rosies 2 food groups is strawberries it isn't very nice of me.

On Saturday when I got home from work I said we lets go. The homeschooler was not interested as she had self imposed lessons to do but the Pickle was interested and couldn't wait.

When we arrived and went to the little shack the lady listed a ton of veggies we could pick but didn't mention strawberries. I asked if she had them and her response was, not many but you can see what you can find and then she looked at Rosie and told her to eat as many as she wanted.

We walked to the far edges of the field and started weaving amongst the plants and truly, there was nothing.. But we came to pick strawbs and that was what Rosie was going to do. We figured out quickly that the little sparse looking plants were the ones that no one went to so we did and managed to fill a little container with what turned out to be the most sour berries ever.  But we didn't care it was fun.
so many lush healthy plants
so few berries
it was a gorgeous day to be outside and it wasn't too peopley !
looks good enough to eat but what's the old adage, oh yes, looks can be deceiving, hah.
you can also pick flowers there, sunflowers or Henry Bada Bada's (snapdragons) we choose Henry Bada Bada's

When I paid for our pickings the lady said come back after March 15th we'll have loads of strawberries then. OK we will.

Friday, March 3, 2017


It happens every Saturday when she works, she calls and says I'm sending a photo, PLEASE MUMMY, PLEASE.

She didn't even send me a text she just showed her to me when I picked her up and I agreed she was sweet and gentle. the end. but not so fast.

Stella had a potential family coming to see her the following week they were 4 hours to meet her. In the meantime I had a greed to become a foster family for the rescue. The potential family decided they were not a match and the rescue called us to foster her.

OMG. the girls were beside themselves, I was ready yet a tad apprehensive. I have been giving some serious thought to a dog lately for many reasons and ones that I am not willing to get into here.

this was at the hand off in the pet shop.
this was her selfie when we got home
She loved her little monkey
Stella's foster family photo
those huge feet were constantly sweating
She was 11 months old and a wire haired terrier mix. A complete softie and quite bonkers HOWEVER, Stella didn't pee. In 3 days she peed twice. We walked and walked miles with her and she would sniff and carry on but nothing. On night number 2, I got up at one, two, three and finally at four she peed.

When I addressed the issue with dog people they said it wasn't normal if she was drinking, and she was, A LOT. The rescue lady on the other hand said I was neurotic and making Stella that way. Stella went back to the rescue and the girls and I are a little upset about the entire thing.

If you have an opinion leave it here, it might help for next time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

so much

Yikes, I haven't been here for a while.

So much is going on and keeping me busy. I have been doing a lot of furniture "things" and moving a lot of heavy furniture and throwing out my back. Thank goodness I'm a therapist and have all the bells and whistles at my disposal cos it was hell.

We also fostered a dog for a few days, her name was Stella and she was lovely and I sort of hoped I would fail at fostering in a good way but it all sucked and I failed in a bad way. more on that later.

Crazy girls are doing great, the homeschooler is as happy as a clam working at the pace she sets and the pickle is doing great in school.

I'm starting a new venture and it is taking the last few minutes of my time but it will all be unveiled soon.

I'm not sure whether to be proud or scared that the girls are such good grafitti artists but they are and proved it with this re-vamp.

as always, no before photos
I wanted a space that was Rosies and showed her. 
drawing on furnitre is very therapeutic
these are gorgeous aren't they. they have nothing to do with this post but they make me smile. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

crazy cousin andie

I'm starting to notice that pretty much everyone in my family is utterly bonkers and always up for some fun. Although some of us are a little introverted it doesn't stop us from seizing the moment.

Last time Annie was here we taught her how to skateboard and this year she wanted to have another go.

Rosie hasn't been on her board in ages
But it's a bit like riding a bike
quick refresher course for Annie
and off they go
Andie flaps her arms when she is struggling

an old pro
just a little oops
and boom, got it.
hmmm, did you quit
i'm impressed
little pickle
looking a bit forlorn
got it.
We spent an hour outside boarding and it was hilarious fun. I really should upload some videos. Saying good bye to Annie, Andie, Cousin Annie, is going to be wretched.