Thursday, January 3, 2019

hasta la vista 2018

I am tardy with this post but that's ok, you just need to look at my history of blogging and you'll realize that a post of any sort is borderline miraculous.

This year, like all of them contained highs and lows, positives and negatives and a sprinkling of family shite.   C'est la vie


we headed to colder climes with a road trip to Tennessee and had fantastic time.

little cabin in the woods


my baby turned 11. That's just wrong. She was also not quite herself and her celebrations had to be muted as partying with bronchitis and walking pneumonia isn't a priority.
cupcakes are always her choice. 
a b-ball hoop is right up her alley

Houndish also celebrates her birthday in February and she turned FIVE and kicked up her paws


March bought us a hound that had been with us for a year and lots of little day trips.
love those smiles
one of my all time favorite photos
houndy fits right in, she shares our love of water


April was a tough month as one of Lily's friends mum was diagnosed with widespread cancer and a poor prognosis and our lives were about to take a huge detour.

Easter bought a sense of normalcy and the 3 kids baked some amazing cookies.
there was flour EVERYWHERE

Lily's friend moved in with us and we got used to being a family of 3 kids not 2.  I decided it was time to  change things up and I went back to school. And my little pickle made the principals honor roll for the first time. She worked her tush off and was so proud. Me too.

Food in this country is harmful and basically unregulated. I decided it was time to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN
So damn proud of this one, she worked so hard.

Lily turned 16, I turned 54 and we headed across the ocean, stopping in Canada, to route to the UK.

A day late with the celebrations as I ended up in the hospital on the day. But cake is cake and birthdays are always celebrated.
Another country to cross off our list.

my father turned 80 on July 4th. We surprised him and it was one of the best things we could have done.

Upon arrival Lily and Milly became great friends.
the finer things in life and an old car. 
some outlandishly fun times with my sister
80 requires a different approach to celebrating
a quite day spent on the river in the beautiful British countryside
The birthday boy, the legend, my daddio

so much fun was had in August with the girls cousins coming to stay and then on a more sobering note the beginning of school at the end of the month.

Our worst weather is in august and september but I couldn't let that stop us from having fun. Kayaking in a freakish somewhat rogue storm. Ooopsie
Lily got her hand bitten by a tarpon at Robbies
More rain 
big arse lobster attack
The Pickle started Middle school but in the same school she has always gone to. She entered the upper academy as it is a K8
Lily reentered regular school after homeschooling for 2 years. She is attending SAS and goes to college int he mornings and high school in the afternoons. She is so happy and has a circle of like minded friends

I found this month to be one of introspection, I pulled away from social media and tried to focus only on positive things. I took up yoga and meditation and found my self etching out my future plans and the future of my little family. Life has been so much better since not allowing my reactions to situations that I can't control, get the better of me.


a day spent alone with my big and halloween

my beautiful girl #icouldhavemissedthis
Perez art museum

halloween pretties

my sister and brother in law came for a visit.
my girls were over the moon.

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Crazy Auntie Sally and Mad Uncle Andy took the girls go Karting, Rosie was allowed to drive for the first time.

Christmas, Cirque Du Soleil on ice and Luna finally makes a friend.

je t'aime
Luna and her running buddy and all round bestie, Dusty
backstage with @acrojames at Cirque Crystal
a family photo..yes, I'm shocked too
Silly Lunes, that is not yours

And so we move onwards and upwards into 2019.
Many plans for all of us.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

nopety nope nope

I don't like halloween at all.

Not one little bit in fact.

But I do love to decorate.

And I do love to craft and make stuff.

So in that mindset, Halloween isn't so bad and it does kick off the decorating frenzy that is the holidays.

A couple of years ago I bought some little rectangular blocks of wood at a craft shop and some people-ish shaped pieces and after a few hours the girls and I, mainly Rosie and I had sawed, sanded and painted a spooky halloween town. I store all the little pieces in a tin and it has become a favourite moment that I just love when I take off the lid each year and look at all the designs within.

Yesterday I decided we were lacking in the decor department so I ran to Joanns and picked up some cheesecloth and little polystyrene balls and voila, some ghosts were born.

You can keep your scary Halloween and I'll celebrate with a cute hallo-weenie

Saturday, October 6, 2018

a day with my big

Lily has an assignment due for art class in college and in order to be able to do it she needed to visit an art museum. Today we checked that of of her list and her and I had a really lovely day together.

I didn't take my camera as I assumed that no photos would be the order of the day. I was wrong, the only exhibit that was camera restricted was the Picasso gallery.

Perez Art Museum of Miami. PAMM
First you must goof around in the car wash display.
I ♥️♥️♥️this shot of my big. 
crazy right?
so many tiny details. Must have been one helluva night before. hah
I could have spent hours just looking
this is off to the left 
and this just as you walk into the collection
this looks curved from this angle but its a flat piece on a wall.
this look Holocaust-ish and very grim. Yet at the same time a certain whimsy came from it
because why not?
eye catching
I looked at this from across the room and said to Lily, hah, welcome to the 80's. She went and looked and said, mum you were right. Well hell yes, every Coconut Grove art show back them had this stuff. 
My absolute favourite installment.
there were so many people traipsing through that I laid my phone in the floor and took whatever was above.
Hew Locke is the artist and it's time for me to find more of his work.
Truly a fun and giggly afternoon with Lily. Tomorrow I turn myself over to the Little as she has a science fair project due...gag gag gag. I need to drive her all over town gathering her samples.