Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The girls and I have a massive world map on the wall upstairs and each and every time we visit somewhere new we put a sticker on the new country or in this case, State. When I was planning the trip one of the reasons I chose Tn was because we have never been before. When I looked at the map I realised that we would be just a 30 minute drive to Kentucky....SCORE. We haven't been there either so it made sense to cross the State line or as Rosie says, the border.

In my head we would get up nice and early and drive to Bowling Green but I think the cold was making for some very tired girls and they didn't wake up until 10. The idea of a vacay is to rest and relax so I wasn't about to shake them awake and hurry them along.

Once the girls were up we headed to parts unknown. I just plug an address or area into Waze and off we go. We exited the highway and within feet of where we got off was, Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. I was flabbergasted and obviously quite impressed by the sight in front of me however it came as such a surprise that I failed to take even ONE photo. Duh. It's quite a magnificent place.

Our destination was Bowling Green. Why? I have no idea other than it was the closest big city to where we were. Turns out there was lots to do so after lunch we headed to Lost River Caves. BUT IT WAS SUPER COLD. I like cold weather but I couldn't keep my hands warm, turns out I completely forgot to take handwarmers and didn't even realise until we got home. We braved it for a while as it was gorgeous and the gift shop there was outstanding.

I found us a house but it desperately needs my stamp, it's so cookie cutter
we were in heaven it is gorgeous there. 
please excuse my dogs behind she was done with photos
happy girl
wide open spaces....sigh
on a rock and a shadow
we had a fantastic day we really did. It was 8℉ without the wind so after being outside for hours we headed back to the car and back to Tennessee. Hot chocolate was in order for the girls.
a bare tree. LOVE
so many decrepit properties
somehow it is beautiful
the sun shone the entire time
we crossed this bridge all the time but I was always driving and couldn't get a photo
photo cred, Rosie
it looks so cold

we went back to to Tn for dinner. It is so peculiar to be able to drive from State to State so easily because we are so far down in to our state that it takes almost 7 hours to escape.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


I had a preconceived notion that Tennessee would be a State filled with Hill Billies and Rednecks. Dueling banjo kind of stuff!! I was wrong, oh so wrong. As much as I am sure it is possible to find the theme song from Duelling Banjos playing in certain areas the general rule is that this is not the case. Nashville is a fun town with so much to do, loads of culture and if you are into it a big bar scene. Oddly the girls and Luna weren't to interested in the bars.

It was another cold cold day but we were dressed for it and headed out to see what we could find. We knew there were some cities we wanted to visit but other than that we free flowed with our plans hourly.

We knew that the first thing we had to do was find somewhere to let Luna run, off her lead.

i'm free
faux sheepskin keeping her scrawny self warm
such a gorgeous sunny day
I'm gonna get you
Toro, Toro
smiley girl
From 3 Cities Dog Park we headed off into Nashville. We took the scenic route and it was just gorgeous, I truly miss the country side and big open sky.

Looking straight down Broadway
In Miami if its old it gets knocked down. I love old buildings and architecture
Rhythm....I expected nothing less in the home of country music
taken from the car as we drove passed
it looks cold out there
A movement to support all that is free and good in the world. Everyone should be free to make their own choices.
my view in the rear view!
tea time...well according to the church clock
some examples of the artwork outisde the FRIST
just cheerful and I loved it
the Nashville dog walker
so much to do and see

Once it started to get dark we headed back to the cabin.
A certsin hound, found it fabulous that she got to come with us everywhere we went. She seemed to think that meant haging out on the bed too.....she was wrong.
the entire area was filled with fairy lights and little lights like this. they all came on once it was dark.

Once you drove down the driveway you were greeted by 1,000s of tiny lights. we soon discovered that lots of them were actually glow in the dark clever. Tomorrow, Kentucky.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


I decided a few months back that since we were not going home for Christmas I would take the girlies on a little trip and spend Christmas somewhere different. I then realised that Christmas eve fell on their dads day off and even though, technically, it was my year I told him to have them on Xmas eve so it altered our plans.

I have always thought a cabin in the mountains with some snow would be a fabby way to spend the holidays and Tennessee seems to have lots of cabins and mountains but I had a preconceived opinion of TN and it wasn't a good one. I decided to throw caution to the wind and find a place. 

Shortly after New Years Eve we hopped into the car and drove and drove and drove. Florida is one absurdly long state to drive out of. We stopped to visit the unhusbands Uncle in Podunk GA and then continued on our way. Each mile found us hitting colder and colder temps but we were ready. A crazy weather front was walloping the East Coast and was being called a bomb cyclone. The average temps in TN at this time of year are 48℉ but were significantly lower due to this weird front. We were looking at 8℉. WTF??? Have I mentioned the last time I drove in snow and ice I was 18? Yes well I was hoping it was like riding a bike. 

We arrived at the tiny house around 9pm (we left our house at 3.36am) and were greeted by a warm and cozy cabin. Luna seemed to approve and was just happy to be out of the car again. She is a traveling champ and we stopped a lot and walked her but that was a long time.

We put on our coats and went out to investigate the gorgeousness that was ours for the next few days. It was amazing, cold and icy, leafless trees and ten acres of woods ending at a lake. Then we ran back to the tiny house to get warm. We left the taps running to avoid the pipes freezing and left the heating on high and went to sleep. I woke up in the night and just had a feeling something was wrong. The power had gone out. It was cold. I told the girls to stay in bed snuggled up and I would see what I could do. I figured if push came to shove I'd head to a hotel, at least the car was warm. I sent a text to the owner of the cabin and asked that he call me ASAP and to my amazement he rang immediately. Then he came over and fixed the issue. Apparently due to the cold all the cabins were pulling to much electric from the breaker and we we blew it.   With the power back on I was able to see it was a frigid 44℉ insidešŸ˜³ 

By morning all faith was restored in humanity and we got ready to seize the day. 

A very welcome sight
don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out!
stamp of approval from the residents
umm, scuse me but that is your bed to the left!
Look at the ground, it is white
oddly we didn't use this
another tiny house on the property.
We were raring to get out and see the sights. stay tuned.

Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 but not so fast

A new year is set to commence so in order to welcome it with open arms I want to close out the old one with a look back.

we headed to Boston and the weather that we have circumnavigated the globe looking for FINALLY favoured us. We had such a wonderful time in the snow.

Boston Common
walloped by a snowball
one of my favourite photos of us

Rosie hit the double digits and turned 10 and cousin Annie flew in from Australia to help us celebrate.
Rosies bday take 1
Rosies bday take 2
Lion Country Safari
we added a scared and timid retired greyhound into the family.

the dog that REFUSED to walk
but she is cute and gets away with murder
that face.
 this month was my month to take my love of rehabbing furniture to a new level and I sold my first piece. I also took on a lot of projects, either mentally or physically but this was the start.

my fave
quick and easy
lots of little crafts

Lily started coaching swimming and triathlon camp and Rosie attended
makes for a proud mum moment
always gave it her best
my natural athlete
 Lily turned 15 and got her learning permit to drive.

Life is different now, a common phrase is, who is driving, me or you?
Holy cow....all grown up
We learnt that the hound loves to swim, even though all books led us to believe they hate water. Luna just wants to be with the girls at ALL costs. and our highlight of the month was cousins coming to stay and lots of adventures

Sophie and Rosie kayaking.
cannot wait to see you all together again
I CAN swim

Back to school, 5th grade for Rosie and another year of home school for Lily. This is proving to be Rosies year academically.

happy girl
those shoes
September. one word Irma

we were so lucky
this was a common sight
 the kick off to the holiday season. Shorter days, cooler temps and pumpkins

Rose and I heading out
Luna wore a costume, Lily didn't
One of my messy messy crafts
Turkey days and braces for the little pickle

so brave
now they are normal to her and she never complains.
 trees, lights and Christmas card hilarity

best Santa EVER
this was our card this outtake of what it should have been but it made us laugh
2017 taught me a lot, for example, stop deleting all you damned photos, I had to pull these form Facebook!! I know longer blog, this needs to change. I cannot wait to see what next year has in store for us but for now we are cold weather bound again. See you on the flip side.