Saturday, August 15, 2015

never, ever give up

Since we found the waves at Marco Island but didn't have our boards with us that day I drove back over yesterday. Once in the beach car park we noted that the handful of people there all had boards, so that was a positive sign.

We trekked out to the beach and it was HOT. The forecast was for an overpass day with storms around 5. I don't understand how meteorologists can be consistently wrong and keep there jobs. The feels like temp was 99. But we were at the beach with the water so all was well.

All was sort of well but where were the waves?  We laughed at all the boards sitting in the sand and had ourselves a wonderful day regardless.

Last time we were there I left the big camera in the car due to the rain but this time I took it.

Warning, loads of photos.
trek through the Sahara
Waves?  Where are you
Waiting, just in case
those are ripples, not waves
looking intense
maybe I can kick up some waves
this will do
someone would rather sit in a tide pool
She loved it
bottoming out on the shells is never a pain free experience
they look like surfer girls
these, beautiful as they are, are razor sharp
her favourite shell
crashing wave-lets. Too small to be called waves
toes in the sand
this girl
this girl too
so many shells
she makes me giggle, always
this bird stayed on this rock for hours
out of nowhere a large flock of gulls came to visit
the bird scarer
and the little sister falls for this stuff over and over again. 
half of my heart
the other half of my heart
We absolutely had a tremendous day. I love the west coast of Florida and it is only 90 minutes away. I take the Trail, a rather desolate road with no amenities, most take 75, that's for sissy's LOL. We have seen a panther on the trail and many many gators. At night the bunnies hop about and it reminds me of home. My girls are being raised in the city and neither one is a city child. One day I promise them a different life.


  1. You got some great shots! Beautiful girls and a beautiful beach. :)

  2. You all enjoy the best days together. I love how you all have so much fun! What an awesome day!

  3. I'm jealous....I love the beach & we are too far away for a "quick" visit!