Thursday, June 25, 2015

always be kind

Growing up we were taught to always be kind.

I am not sure if we were ever told the words but we were taught to be kind by the actions of our parents.

Our parents were some of the kindest people you would ever meet. My brother might just have surpassed them on the kindness metre.

I always tell my girls to be kind.

I have a sign in the house that I painted that says, always be kind and another that says, be kind and be brave.

It costs nothing to be kind and it is so so easy.

That line above is total BULLSHIT.

Sometimes I offer to do things and end up with the biggest freaking migraine and this week i ended up with a cracked tooth from clenching because of my kindness. But I still believe that one must be kind but not this kind LOL.

A few months ago a friend mentioned that her mum needed a place to stay. She had just moved here from another State and was newly divorced. Well she can't be homeless, I said so she can STAY with me temporarily. In my mind the definition of, stay, is short. This is something that you need to determine before the person starts bringing boxes into your house.

The lady is nice, very nice. But I am done so done. We hit the 6 week mark this week. sixfreakingweeks. I have had a migraine for days and it wont go away. I have been headache free for the longest time.

Can you say LOUD. She has yet to answer the phone without it being on speaker. OMG

Oh well.

It is over.

She asked me the other night, when I was trying not to puke from the migraine from hell if I was OK and I blurted out, no, no I am not. I am so sorry but I cannot share my house with you any longer. It isn't you, it is me. (what is with me? it is her, it is NOT ME) She said she would leave. I ran upstairs, woke up both the girls and we bounced on the bed. yes we did.

Do not ask me to do a favour for you. I will not be nice any more. I am going to be nice to me and the girls only, from now on.

What the hell is the matter with me?

She hasn't gone yet, she leaves on Monday. I will be busy on Monday, very very busy. I have to reclaim my land.

Be kind my arse! I'll leave that to my brother and my father, they must be better at it than me.


  1. Hang on, hang on...take a breath.
    The reason this got to you is because you did not clearly define the length of stay that you would be prepared to manage ; sharing; in order to help her.

    Learning curve. But good for you for being kind.
    Love me.xxbb

  2. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. I agree with your first commenter! You have been kind, now it's time for this lady to find other accommodations. I think almost anyone would find it very difficult to share their home with an acquaintance. I would!!!

  4. Joannah. Thank you and that first commenter is none other than my big brother.

  5. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you being kind. You are an amazing person. It's people that take advantage of kindness that are the problem. If this woman is not looking for a permanent place to stay after 6 weeks of living with you, then something's really wrong. She knew the situation was temporary. Not cool. You did the right thing asking her to leave!!!

  6. OMG you are so kind.....she took advantage....big time! Apparently someone didn't understand what temporary meant. Hope it works out for you:)