Saturday, June 20, 2015

putting her foot down

I was so happy when the last day of school rolled around. No more neck breaking schedules to keep up with. At least, that is what I thought until we were at swimming one night that first fateful week and it was announced that all upper swimmers were to report to the pool daily from 7-9am  for morning swim EVERYFREAKINGDAY and from 5-6pm for dryland training and then from 6-8pm for regular practice. I don't think I can actually put into words what I thought. But basically it came down to, what the hell, summer is going to be more competitive and insane than the rest of the year, that is nuts.

Little did I know in those first few minutes of hearing the news that I wasn't the only one in the house that felt this way. Lily was 100% uninterested. She said she would die, that 5 hours of exercise on her little body would break her. I agreed. I told her to tell the coach. She looked at me astonished, tell her coach, her? EGADS. She didn't go to practice in the morning and by the end of the week the bossman was enquiring about her lack of enthusiasm.

She told him straight she didn't want to do it.

He told her to try,  just 2 days.

She didn't

He got snotty.

She got snottier.

It is a war of minds.

This weekend is a meet, a 3 day invitational with finals.

This is her first in the new age group. It is amazing that she has any times at all but she does in 5 events.

So far she has swam really really well.

Coach says to her each time she gets out of the water: just think how much faster you would be if you were coming to morning swim and pushing yourself.

She says, Nah, i wouldn't be, I'd be so tired!

She is 13.

She is a good swimmer.

BUT she isn't training for the Olympics.

2 hours a day is e'nuff

She has been 13 for 14 days. She placed 8th in heent, first in her heat, in the 400m IM. I'm not a coach but I believe she is doing great, thankyouverymuch.


  1. You know sometimes "too much" is just plain "too much". It appears that Lily is able to do just fine! Great the way you capture the water!

  2. Good for Lily for sticking up for herself, and for you for supporting her and letting her make her own choices.