Saturday, August 8, 2015


Having the sista and Lula Tatula staying with us was fabulous. Lily adores Lu and I can't think of a better role model for her. She is so smart, beyond thoughtful, funny, determined and just a truly wonderful person. When I met her she was 5-ish and this most gorgeous and a little bit shy kid. Yet even back then she had a sense of self and didn't care what people thought.

Her Grandfather once said to her, Lucy, you have to stop sucking your thumb because your teeth will stick out and you will look awful. She looked at him with a quizzical expression and replied, Grandpa, No they won't. I am Lucy, everyone will always love me. And basically she was right. Sometimes in life there are just good people and she is one of them.

Now Lula Tatula is days away from entering  the Israeli Army. She gets really bothered when people say they are so proud of her and her decision, so I won't say that.  She doesn't like people to call her brave.  But the thing is, she is brave and I am proud of her and her decision so I have said it.

She will have to tough up a bit cos she is sweet and kind and gentle, very gentle. She treats Lily and Rosie like sisters. Her baby brother is the apple of her eye and her focus. If she is your friend you are lucky. Those with that tile are exclusive and better treat her right to remain in that role. Carolina and her have a typical sisterly bond that will oonly getter tighter as the years pass. Her Mama is her life line and she is so pretective over her. A role that she has felt the need to fill since she was just little. She is an old soul with an amzing heart.

I send to you tonnes of love on this new chapter Lucy. And always know how proud of you we are.

happy times

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  1. What a sweet friend! I know it's necessary, but I also think it's admirable how the young people of Israel serve their country. May the Lord keep her safe, and may her experience be enriching. :)