Friday, August 7, 2015

odds and ends

It just might be time to wrap up this cruise theme and throw it all together in one post.

We went on a Carnival cruise, I don't recommend them. There wasn't anything "wrong" with it but well lets move on. We all agreed it wasn't quite right. That doesn't mean we didn't have a great time together.

After informing, the Rosie that she needed a dress I allowed her to choose it. It wasnt anything I would have picked but she loved liked it so that was what mattered. Lily on the other hand had to be reined in when it came to packing her dresses. I love to dress up occasionally so I didn't mind at all.

Every 5 seconds a ships photographer was attempting a photo but the were not good photos. I decided to take ours.

Lily and Rosie. Sadly the dining rooms were freezing, to the point it was difficult to eat as you were so cold so Rosie always had to wear a cardy or some type of sweater.
My 3 girls.
sistas from different mistas
Lucy and her Mama, more to come on Lucy shortly
the 3 of us
I cannot believe I have so few photos of this one. (and she loves the camera)
When we weren't eating or disembarking we did this:

admiring the scenery
I love this photo
Rosie loved the waterslide
A lot
Lily was more about a cold lemonade on the side of the pool
do you think they had fun?
Rosie took these photos. Every morning her and I would go together to get coffee for Jakie and I. One morning every single deck chair had a towel animal on it.
We also saw many many shows and participated in some quizzes. The girls thought I really ought to get in a show so I did. Thankfully the photos that Rosie took are not any good. I walked away with a medal and 2 proud kids.

 If you take a Caribbean cruise i suggest during the cooler months unless you are from somewhere hot or truly love steam. Carnival caters to a younger crowd and is called the fun ship. This time there wasn't much for the girls to do unless they went to camp carnival. I take the girls with me as I like being with them but  a lot of people drop there kids at camp from 9am til 10pm. If you have a specific question just leave it in the comments.


  1. I have heard that about Carnival, and I don't think it would be the cruise line for us. We are sailing Princess to Alaska.

  2. I enjoyed the cruise with Carnival, but like you, I'm not really a cruise person. I never ever thought I would go on one and my friend convinced me to go with her on Carnival. I loved seeing how much fun Bri had, I loved the stops and we had a great time with our friends. But, I'm still more of a dry land kind of gal. And, I do not enjoy being around thousands of strange people - so I didn't love the crowds. And I didn't love embarking or disembarking. I have no other frame of reference really, but I've heard other cruise lines are better. I'd love to do a Disney cruise, but it is ex-pen-sive. On my bucket list though! Looks like you all had a great time together!!!

  3. Love the pic of you & your girls...precious!