Thursday, August 6, 2015


When "the Sista" talked of another cruise and mentioned Cayman, actually that part was Lucy, I was so giddy. Cayman is on my bucket list. We decided to go it alone and not take an organised excursion. The day couldn't come fast enough especially after a full day at sea.

The Caymans are teeny tiny Islands and the ships are unable to dock so a tender is required. The kiddies thought it was the best fun.

all aboard the tender
Looking back at the ship
We knew we needed to take snorkeling equipment with us as the order of the day was to find a lovely beach. What we found was a super crowded beach filled to the gills with tourists but it offered everything we needed. But it was in Cayman with its silky soft sand. Being able to snorkle so close to shore and see such amazing fish was wonderful. Since I am not big on the ocean cos it's dirty and filled with fish ( i know I know) this was perfect.

The sand was as soft as flour
Lunch, right on the beach
my favourite photo from the trip
oh the sista will kill me for this, but I love the water colour and Lily
such a happy little pickle
After lunch we split up and the girls and I stayed on the island.

silly geese
Isn't that meant to be red??
I suppose it matches the beachy feel better
the main drag
As we meandered the streets we saw a Guy Harvey studio. The sign outside read, meet the artist. We assumed that was just a way of getting people in. Since the girls love his work we went in and whaddaya know. He was there. Guy Harvey designed the swim caps for Flying Fish and is a good friend of the Coach so of course that was it, the girls and he bantered back and forth about Andrew and then he suggested a photo.
don't they look giddy?
As much as I loved Cayman it was hotter than the bowels of Hell. It was time to head back to the ship and some coolness.

as we queued up to get on the tender we noticed this sign, better late than never!
she is hot.
I❤️Cayman. But not so much the heat.


  1. I'm not a fan of the heat, either. When we go to Hawaii, unless the Trade Winds are blowing, it can be really hot. I don't think we'll have that problem in Alaska. ;)

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! Not sure I could do the snorkeling......I hate to get my face wet & panic when under water.

  3. I love Cayman! Doug and I honeymooned there. I've been 3 times (one time on the cruise). It does get sooo hot there though. I can't believe you were on the Victory - the exact ship I was on! So cool!!!