Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ocho rios

Everybody that has cruised into Ochi has done the Dunne River Falls experience and we couldn't wait to do it either. A massive waterfall that you have to climb up, the girls would love it. Well that thought went right out of the window when Lucy and I were reserving excursions and we saw one for zip lining and river rafting. Much more our cup of tea.  We could barely contain ourselves, now the day at sea would be even harder to deal with.

(for Viv, and anyone else who was wondering) I don't deal with the days at sea very well. It's certainly not boredom and it certainly isn't sea sickness, it's lack of control. I cannot get off the ship and I don't have my car. I am marooned. Even though there are many many things to do, I need to know I'm not stuck on a boat with 88 million of my closest friends. There were not 88 million people of course but there were more than just us. I'm not a social creature and I like to be able to do my own thing with my peeps.  ~And so with this in mind the day at sea was longish. But we had fun.

We awoke on Wednesday to this view.

Ahhhh, mountains. My heaven
nice morning

We were off the ship like a rocket and thrown into this mad, hot, colurful display of a Jamaican market outside the port.

street vendors
I apparently have a death wish as this photo looks like it was taken from the middle of the road.

We were all corralled and placed on a hot little bus. And this is where we stayed as we climbed higher into the mountains on death defying roads. I loved it.
Ready to go
as we were riding I looked up and saw this.
Lets go zip lining
Hope the river rafting water is better than this
so beautiful
loved all the pretty bridges
lily loves her some, WATA, now we have bottles from both trips there
hmm, taken out of the window on our way there
It's a little poor around there but at sometime, probably the 80s there was a lot of of gorgeous homes that now sit in wreck and ruin.

We were told to find a locker and lock up everything that we didn't want ruined, stolen or wet. That included cameras. Crappitty. So as we zip lined through the Jamaican countryside and rafted down what is the cleanest river I have ever seen You will just have to take my word that it was fabulous. I could have taken photos on the ziplines. They might have been a bit bumpy but I could have managed, never mind

 We got back to "camp" and ready to eat our preordered food only to be told there was none left. It's not  as if you can make a fuss as this was Jamaica and they never have a problem with anything, only situations and all situations have a solution. Anger goes against their creed. So some greasy chips, and 2 quesadillas for five people and some WATA and we were golden.

Rosie didn't seem at all perturbed about the lack of food. Here she is eating one fry.

The bus dropped us off outside the port and we had a couple of minutes to check out the markets. Both girls had some spending money and were eager to see what crap, souvenirs they could find. It didn't take Rosie very long at all and she wasn't about to get bullied with the price either. She told the vendor what she wanted to spend on his wooden carvings and he was shocked. He wasn't about to sell his wares for $5. LOL, She had plenty of money but decided that was all she was willing to spend. He wanted $30, she walked away and he chased her down. I encouraged her to stand firm but to listen. She ended up getting a darned good price for the giraffe.

We needed to get back on the ship

Meet Ochi, the giraffe
The queue to get back on the boat was long, but you have to expect that.
Good bye Ocho Rios. It was fun.
This is an aspect of cruising that never gets old, the views. having a balcony was lovely my sista from another is so smart!
Next up the fancy pants dinner, Cayman and just random stuff.


  1. Thanks for clarifying! It sounds a bit claustrophobic on the ship. What beautiful views of Jamaica! I think I could learn something from the "no problem" attitude....

  2. Beautiful! Love Rosie bargaining power & when did Lily turn "17"???

  3. What an awesome day! We loved Ocho Rios when we went there. If Bri had been older when we went, I would have tried the zip lining for sure! Love Rosie's negotiating skills!