Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Holy cr*p Batman, summer is almost over and I haven't done one blog post about it.
Lets back track shall we?
Way the heck back.
The beginning of July back.
When the Sista arrived.

I'm still not 100% convinced that i am the cruising type so after 4 crusies I have to think I'm not. I do however love the, wake in up in a different country everyday, aspect of cruising but not the days at sea. Hell to the no, on that.

We sailed out of Miami cos lordy knows that is nice and convenient and we were leaving for 6 days. The first day was super exciting as we got used to the ship and got our sea legs on. Oh, I don't feel the boat move, everyone else is wobbling about and I just stare at them like they are fools LOL. I must naturally have sea legs, that would 'splane their groovy shapeliness.

The night before we left Jakie and Lucy bought these minnion glasses for Rosie. She wore them on the ship.
As we were boarding. Umm, how the heck do you fit 150 people in that tiny lifeboat? 
We had been onboard for 11 seconds when Jakie Lucy and Lily all hit the spa. I don't "do" relaxing and Rosie was to young so her and I wandered the ship together.

Rosie on the balcony

Somewhere on the ship
The crazy golf
And we found it, the ice cream machine. I lost count of how many she had, at least this time she had ice cream in them.

For dinner that night we were scheduled for the late seating and I am not sure if our waiter was tired from the earlier diners but he was mean. The next day we switched to the early dining and things were much improved. Each night was a fun adventure.

I probably should just blog the whole cruise in one post since my frequency is highly questionable. but I won't. Baby steps peeps baby steps.

I knew I had to prepare Rosie for the captains dinner as she would need a dress. She went for it willingly but when I suggested she find herself another one she was appalled, I have ONE mum, why do I need more? Good question kiddo!


  1. I'm curious why you don't like the days at sea...is it because the boat moves/sea sickness? Or is it because there isn't much to do? I've yet to take a cruise but it's on my bucket list! Love Rosie's glasses by the way!

  2. Beautiful pics of Rosie! The "I have one" remark....priceless!

  3. I enjoyed the one cruise I went on, but I'm not really a cruise person either. I rather be on dry land. :)

  4. More, more! We embark in two weeks. :)