Saturday, December 10, 2016


I mentioned in a previous post here about the desk I was revamping.

I finished it moments after Sally and Andy left. Whenever I am out of sorts I tend to clean, organise or generally fix things and I was so sad when they left I just got to work.

I purchased a little stool for it at Ikea but I broke my own Ikea rule which is never buy anything from there that has copious amounts of tape on the box. It is a sure sign it has been returned and you'll probably also have to return it as it will be missing pieces. I was correct it was missing parts so I returned and since the only other 2 that were remaining were also taped to wild oblivion, I left empty handed.

So I am still sans stool and it STILL needs a decent lamp, at this stage of my life an aircraft landing light might work.

This is something quite different for me and the paint I used was all metallic. I really love how it turned out. Now I am on the hunt for another piece, I know exactly what I want and how much work I am willing to put into it.

Oh look I'm in the mirror and upside down. 
how it was
I had a really hard time getting screws long enough to go through the drawers and the drawer pulls but as always the daddio came to my rescue.

I NEED a short long chest of drawers and it won't be a chest of drawers when I'm done. But the world seems to like to hang on to solid chests of drawers. I have a really old one in a closet upstairs but, but but.....well we'll see.

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