Saturday, October 22, 2016

who wants a desk

last Saturday I was reading facebook waiting for the unhusband to pick up the girls, he was only 5 hours late, ( ha ha - but that's the truth) when I saw an ad, in a consignment group I belong to. I looked at it, mulled it over, yelled at the girls, who wants a new desk?

Silence. Followed by a more deafening silence?


Rosie answered first even though she was further away. No thank you mama I like mine.

Lily, You want a desk?  No thanks Mama, I'm fine at yours or the island or the dining room table.

Are you sure, this one is really really nice? NO THANK YOU.

Feeling a little deflated as I could see some much potential in this old lady, I called them both over and frankly they could see no potential and were horrified at what i was showing them and thought I had fallen out of my tree. They both confirmed their, nay's and retreated.

I set about inquiring about said desk and the next thing I knew Rosie and I were on our way to pick it up. The entire time we were driving there Rosie was explaining why her desk, that I had redone for her this summer, and that Grandpa had fixed the knobs for, was so much better.

We agreed on a ridiculously low low price due to it's condition. ( the 37 layers of paint ) and I hauled it into the back of my car, and rode off in the pouring rain with Rosie still in a panic. I no longer wanted it as a desk as my vision had changed, once I told her that she was quiet. There was only one flaw to this little plan of mine, my seester and BIL were arriving in 3 days and I had no time for a project and I can't have anything undone or half done. Twit. It continued to lash rain for the rest of Saturday. I dragged it from the car and into the house and kept staring at it begging the rain to stop.
so much paint
It's a great piece, dovetailed and solid
and painted, very very painted
but it had never been sanded or painted corrected so luckily the paint "fell off"
Yes, this is in my kitchen. shhhhhh It sort of started by accident when I realised it had never been done properly and the paint just peeled off. One thing led to another and by 11.30 on Saturday night I had done all I could do.
Sunday I went outside with a sander and really got to work
All I wanted at this point was to strip it down I knew I didn't have time to re do it before my seester arrived so I would be happy with this
But as is the case with with me I just kept pushing and figured I could try and paint the drawers so I did and that is where I am right now. Oh and I put the new hardware on. I used the old drawer knobs but some were missing. I soaked them over night in Borax and all the paint came off. I had some that were almost the same but bigger and actually work better on the big drawers. The drawers are so thick it was hard to find screws long enough and thin enough to go through the knobs and the drawers.

I had a mirror that was perfect and I am going to start looking for a little stool. I wont ever buy any sort of fabric covered items from second hand stores or consignment because of bugs so it will take me a while to find what I'm looking for. Why yes I am a freak.

Here is a peek at where I am now I won't finish until Sally and Andy leave.

I need to do another coat, this is a metallic silver but there just wasn't time. wahh. I detest unfinished business.
Well this is fabulously blurred. I think I hopped back so you wouldn't see my sweaty self in the mirror
Sally and Andy are off to St. Thomas for 10 days so maybe I can do some then. The girls love it now...too bad girlies too bad. It's mine Hah!


  1. Loving it already. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. It's gorgeous. You have a great eye for finding pieces with good bones!