Tuesday, October 18, 2016

quick re-do

When i was in England this past July I bought a little wooden chest of drawers in the same shop that Lily found her typewriter. I have a thing for little boxes and these little drawers are lovely but I knew when I saw them I needed to re-do them.

Since they still don't have a purpose and just sit looking fancy I was in no rush and add to that I wasn't sure what I wanted them to look like. Well that all changed the other day while I was organising my desk drawers.

In typical Dawn fashion I had already started to to dismantle it before i took a before photo. It was much too bright and disorganised for me
A little sanding and some paint.
Now, I love it. It's funny, the girls don't like it at all anymore. 
The drawers are all numbered and only fit properly into their numbered slots. I decided on a whim not to chose a pattern for the paint but to do it randomly, initially the only one I had decided upon was the red one, I wanted that at the end. Hah, that was how it ended up.