Saturday, December 17, 2016

things that make you say......

what the heck.

I know longer get excited about school photos in the sense of awaiting a beautiful portrait but I do get excited to see how absolutely awful the photos are this year.

I'm sorry if that is offensive to some but it's how I roll.

I was very pleasantly surprised when Rosie bought me home her photos. They look really good, I have however, no idea about this camo background. it's nasty but it's faded out so it's not as bad as a couple of years ago. I'm shocked she is looking so grown up.

Her smile was genuine, her hair, brushed, her clothes, unrumpled and all in all it looks pretty good.

Now onto the the other child.
She is a natural for photos and the camera, she has tons of confidence and loves to find herself a mirror or a camera.






they did to my girl.

 This photo was also being used for their student I.D.'s. As we were still swimming when these were taken I saw a lot of the kids I.D's and thought, yikes, not thinking for one moment that these photos would end up in the year book or that these were the photos that I was being charged an arm and a leg for.

I believe they used a special filter called " LET IT SHINE".   Every single child had this shiny appearance, even all the swimmers who typically have dry dry skin due to the chlorine in the pool water and the tremendous amount of hours they spend dunked in it.

 Anyway I give you...............,,

I didn't think it was possible to get a bad photo of my girl, thank you for proving me wrong.

and even though this is now a house of non-believers, we still love to pretend so we are off today to get some photos with Santa. And I can't wait.

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  1. Rosie.....beautiful:) Lily.....what were they thinking????? Do love her hair though.