Tuesday, December 20, 2016

building a house

Last year we didn't build a house from gingerbread because we were going home for Christmas, we didn't do a few of our traditions but the gingerbread house is a favourite of Rosie and she made sure she got to do one this year.

Ninety nine percent of the time she was decorating she had some sort of confection in her mouth but I suppose that is the appeal.

We aren't very patient and find that the icing given to "glue" the house together takes way too long to dry and oftentimes when it is dry the house falls apart so we improvise.

getting ready
worlds most revolting sweeties. 
when you mother is into DIY one improvises. My first thought was liquid nails but I thought that a little over the top.
It bonds instantly
quality control😆😆
such concentration
Rosie LOVED doing this
ta da
the only good thing about the 'orrible sweets was how colourful they were.
Christmas is just around the corner...time to get cracking. I was so organised this year that I seem to have become complacent and now it is full speed ahead.


  1. I get Rieleys house at Michael s that is preassembled. This is a huge help. But her looks cute.

  2. Love the glue gun in action😝😝. Great job Rosie😍