Friday, December 23, 2016

oh christmas tree. oh christmas tree

We weren't at home for the first week of December so by the time we got around to decorating the girls were very very anxious.

as you can see it was the 8th before we started decorating and that didn't include the tree
I love this shelf, just love it and it is perfect for decorating every season/holiday
I really should have edited these photos but then it would be June and I'd still be waiting to post.
These are 2 aprons that were made by a very special friend for the girls when they were so much smaller so now they make perfect chair decorations.
I would love to do a themed tree one that is has minimal colours and all the same ornaments but certain poeple in this house think it's a dreadful idea and that a tree should be brimming with colour and confusion.
don't you decorate in your jimjams?
Christmas os ALL about the littles
each year the girls get to choose an ornament...this is Lily's. Don't ask!
I love these little knitted guys
Lily's choice from a few years ago
I bought this for Rosie, I thought it was a giraffe. Apparently it's not
Lily made these
I love these little trees.
And the Elf is back....barf. I absolutely refused to bring him out until the Rosie mentioned him. Once the tree was up she siad, maybe Norman will come back now. urghhhh

more from Norman coming soon. ho ho ho

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  1. Love the expressions on Rosie's face. You are right it's about the littles!