Saturday, December 10, 2016

brace yourself.

I am just trying to catch up. Posts are in no particular chronological order but they are finally here. hey, you can't have everything.

The overachiever in our midst went for her 3 month  check up at the orthodontist last week and fully expected to have the bands put back on and was ready for them as this would be the final step. But Noooooo. Miss over achiever blew the dentist away with her perfect little set of choppers. In fact he became quite giddy and excited and called her teeth, perfection and then said, lets get these braces off! 5 months early.

a quick polish to make things sparkly
girl was a little bit of a butcher but hey ho
mmmmm yum
time for an impression for the retainer
50% done. those teggies are gorgeous
once the braces are off the do a tonne of after shots to add to her file. this pose just made me giggle
Once all the "work" is done the dentist does a professional shoot with them, well not him a photographer takes the actual photos.
I love those teeth. I love that smile.
Oh wait I just love and adore that girl.
This was handed to us as we left, it is her before and after shots. The photo on the left was 19 months ago. She looks 10 in comparison to now. 
my girl <3
I cannot say enough wonderful tings about Orthodontics Only and Dr Derek. If you live here and you need an ortho leave me a comment.