Friday, December 9, 2016

my seester was here. was.

Way back in October my seester and her mad hubby came to visit. It was brilliant it always is. we had such fun. The girls adore them both and it just solidifies that no one should grow up without a single member of their extended family in the same country.

Andy picks up both girls everysingleday, yes, he does. No one asks him to he just does it. and they LOVE it. Sometimes he even gets up and takes them to school as well. Sally doesn't drive over here but Andy does and has no qualms. He also went to see Lily swim everysingleday. That is just how he is. Un~freaking~believable.

Of course there were the usual antics when we were out in public.

A splendid mannequin in an equally splendid cardy

Farmer Giles

There has to be something you like Andy, yes look right here, you'll eat that. 


And this is just creepy, we walked downstairs into the kitchen dressed almost alike.

When Lily wasn't doing homework, which frankly wasn't often and when I didn't have migraines, ( lets not talk about them) we would go out for the day.
she loves her auntie so much. there are few she is comfortable with, Sally is one, Jakie the other.
I just love it
who are these big peeps and where are my littles
I have no idea what was so funny, none
Love her
way to cold to go near that water
a fabulous day
some strange sort of action figure pose perhaps
Andy loves, I mean LOVES, hot weather so that is why they come late in the year. It's hot here in the 90's still and frgid in the UK. by the time they were winding down their stay the weather was starting to change.
We took this photo quickly and realised we had chopped off Ro so within seconds we took it again
but the wind changed direction.
We had a brilliant time. Sally and Andy also took the girls out for the day by themselves and I have just realised I don't have those photos which is strange as they were uploaded to the computer. They spent 10 days in the British Virgin Islands and we missed terribley We love and miss you and think you should come back right now.

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  1. Just love the pic of Rosie & her auntie! Awww! You haven't posted in a while cus I hardly recognize those kids! They grew up!!! Lily yes but Rosie is getting so tall. I can't stand it!:)