Sunday, September 18, 2016

the goat

With the swimmer once again swimming, it appears that the moody teenager has been drowned, at least temporarily.   She is back to her happy self. She is loving being back in the pool, even though she said she didn't miss it I think what she didn't miss was the cattiness amongst the girls  at the old club, it was quite ridiculous. The high school team is actually a team.

Girl has always been recognised for her academic strengths but now she is being noticed for her strength in the water too. No bitchy comments because she is better than someone else just recognition for her contribution to the team. She says that people she doesn't now come up to her at school and ask her if she is Lily and then say something nice to her regarding her place on the swim team. She was called a goat lord the other day....yeah, me either but apparently in this day and age its a compliment. 
G=greatest. O=of.  A=all.  T=time  Apparently they were sad sad sad last year. lol 

This compliment was paid to her following a meet where the Bulldogs girl team beat the other girls 114- 53. and in all honestly she had an awful lot to do with it. They remain undefeated but next week could be the end of that as they are up against a school with a lot of her old team mates on.  One day at a time goat lady. 

She still finds it hard to fit in with freshman as she finds them very very immature.  And socially she isn't the best but has worked very hard in the last few weeks to overcome a lot of her unsociable ways. She has no patience at all for stupidity and I can't blame her. My only concern with her hanging out with the older kids now is BOYS! So far she has no interest what so ever. She is going to her first party today. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go...I strongly suggested she did. Once she had made up her mind she even asked if a new bathing suit was a possibility as it's a pool party and it seemed like a fair request so she got one, actually since the whole matching bikini thing doesn't happen anymore she got a new bottom??? I might not have been in such a rush for her to go if the party was at night but its this afternoon.

All in all the she seems so much happier and content. Her work load has picked up exponentially but she still manages it without trouble and when she doesn't have practice and meets everyday it will be easier. That said there is chatter about the next set of activities and what club she should join. Colleges require a well rounded child and that includes clubs too...who knew?


  1. GOAT! I love that. Kids are so funny. I'm glad she's excelling and being recognized by her peers. You must be so proud. :)

  2. She is one "special" kid & I love jthat she doesn't let anyone influence her. She has a good head on those shoulders­čśŹ