Sunday, October 2, 2016

a little pretty

One day in the last couple of  weeks I  was leaving a clients house and I spotted a very pretty flowerpot. I commented on it and she said, HomeGoods. I said, hah, make it yourself. I snapped a picture of it for reference and headed home to pick up my sidekick and take her with me to buy flowerpots. I have all the other necessary things required.

As soon as we were home again we set to work, decorating.

This was the first one I did and very much a carbon copy of the original.
I went a little whimsical on number two
This is Rosies and I am so impressed by it
More of the whimsical birds.
Life is a whirlwind currently and the chance of this blog surviving is slim.I'll try to post more frequently but the swimmer is sucking every moment out of every day so any time I have I try to give it to Rosie.


  1. Love, love........especially Rosie's. She did a great job❤️