Monday, October 3, 2016


High school swim season is coming to an end which means things are heating up. As the mother of two very competitive swimmers, as a coach in training at one point and as a USA approved team mum, I knew my stuff but at the high school level I am left looking daft, quite often. I have no idea the order of things and no idea when it all comes to an end and how you qualify for what.

I just learnt yesterday that the meet Lily participated in on Saturday was a biggie, bigger than I thought as she was in the local paper sports section yesterday. I knew it was a combo meet with a lot of schools participating but did not realise it was an invitational.  I think, but could be wrong that this week wraps up regular season and then it's GMAC's, ( no, I do not know what they are ) followed by districts, regionals and then finally states. Apparently the season for the child isn't ending any time soon. wah..... Congrats girlie.

Looks like child is about to fall in!
Doing what she does best, Fly
and Fly she did
so much power needed
Sorry, I love this stroke
It was HOT, wicked HOT
Going over times with team mates. 
This team, is going places
cheering a team mate in the pool
swimmers back
Rosie took this and it's not bad!
500m free. 
Her team mate JoJo sat there the entire time cheering her on
A friend sent a text early yesterday morning with this attached. I cancelled my subscription 2 months ago.
When I went out to the car to get and buy one, one had been delivered. odd.
Then later another friend friend text to say the online edition had her photo in it.
Girlie was quite proud.
So Im not sure how many more early mornings, late afternoons and rain drenched pool decks we have this season but I do it's going to collide head on with my sister coming to visit. sigh. But somehow, I'll make it work. How do I order a cloning kit?

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  1. That is so awesome. Way to go Lily❤️ That is a great shot of her. You can do it..... you always do👍