Sunday, June 5, 2016

the dress

For her graduation ceremony the dress was picked out and hanging in her closet, it wasn't new but it didn't need to be and she loved it. A few weeks ago I was going through the last of my "i just can't bare to give them up" skinny clothes and had one particular dress hanging all alone. Lily saw it and said how much she loved and asked if she could try it one, I told her, of course. I was shocked when I saw her in it, firstly it fit and secondly it looked fabulous, well sort of.

Something about it was a little "polly long frock" and "old lady". I told her if she liked it too not to not take it off and I ran down stairs and got some pins, I then took up the hem to above the knee to give it a more youthful appearance. We both agreed it was lovely, at least we thought it was but with that much fabric pinned up it was difficult to know for sure but I had nothing to lose, I wasn't about to wear it again.
things didn't start out well, my machine wasn't working properly. After trial and error I sorted out the issues.
Sewing is ot something I enjoy but sometimes it's something that is part of a bigger a picture and if I make up my mind then damn it, it will happen
Oh how I love this dress
in the words of Nike, just do it
another bobbin disaster.
I didn't show her the dress after I had done it I just took it to the dry cleaners and once I picked it up I gave it to her. She loved it and was so confident.

P.S. I wanted to take some photos before we left but I had had a dermatologists appointment, for my eczema so it was very routine. I was just going to dash in, she was going to look, hum and hah do what needed to be done and I was going to leave. The unhusband was heading to the house for dinner and we were all heading to graduation together. ( why yes I do need a halo don't I ) Well the dr decided that an area on my arm needed to be biopsied, no biggie, it would just be a minute and indeed it would, if neither one of us had overlooked one, not so minor detail, aspirin. I have been stuck, as have nearly all my migraine suffering friends on the migraine rollercoaster lately, and when it happens and the meds don't work another alternative is massive amounts of aspirin. Massive amounts. All went well, the biopsy was done the band aid applied and a couple of seconds of chit chat as she filled my information into her computer. I looked down and was disgusted to see blood on the floor. Really? In a Dr's office, that is disgusting. Then it clicked that this pool of blood was mine and then I knew I was going to be late. LOL. Things got sorted reasonably fast and things weren't too messy but she wanted me to wait to make sure it wasn't going to happen again in the car. I told her i was fine, that is what I always say and I explained that I HAD to leave. By then it was rush hour and I got stuck in traffic and there was no time for any photos or anything. But the girl looked glam and all was well. but the photos of her are in front of a chain link fence. blech.


  1. The dress turned out beautiful! It was totally perfect for the occasion!!

  2. I loved that dress.....who would have thought?? Then again knowing you, that person that makes everything happen! I should have known!
    PS Lily would look glamorous the background.