Thursday, June 2, 2016

onwards and upwards little one.

sweet little girl we still hadn't met when this photo was taken but I already loved you 
how fast time has flown
and wow, how you have grown
and grown
I'm incredibly biased but you take my breath away
double trouble ( best friends~ I need to ask if they keep planning this colour coordinated stuff)
Without as much as glancing over your shoulder you marched across a stage last night and waved good bye to middle school. Of course you did it with your usual flare and panache and you racked up another shelf of awards.  Some of which you felt you earnt and others you accepted with a smile that was not at all genuine. You hate this kind of stuff. You would rather be given an A on a report card for something you did than be given a big arse award for something society says you should get. And lets not get into the politics of it all shall we.

My girl is just like me and her Grandpa in as much as she has never found an arse worthy of a kiss! And so today the awards, were divided into two groups, the ones she earnt and the bullshit ones. The BS ones will not be on display, she has a drawer for those.
Thankfully, she has grown up and learnt about social decorum since that very first award ceremony where she did hand it back! And honestly I still laugh my arse off at that! At least she was polite and said, no THANK YOU, I don't want it, everyone got one of those.

The lighting was horrid so the photos suck
apparently she approved, the smile is genuine
nice touch
Both of the assistant principals, they look like they are saying their prayers: dear God, please let that loud mouth mother of Lily Cope keep her damn mouth shut  regarding  the "stupid categories" Amen
this is Lily's math teacher, she loves him  but NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE hugs Lily. This photo makes me laugh. She is a hands OFF child.  Know your boundaries people.  I can hear her cringe. poor baby

MR N, she adores him, He gave her detention and broke her, temporarily. Best thing to ever happen to her. She might be smart be she is still a regular kid and NEEDS to be treated as such. I wrote him a thank you card for doing it. 
Principals honor roll. The only time she didn't get it was when some arsey music teacher kept giving her a B. Then Lily wised up and started helping another teacher during music and she got A's cos she wasn't actually there. WTH? I know the kid has a voice that can murder new born kittens but lady get over yourself all you did was watch movies and you kept her bloody recorder, which might have been a blessing since you never taught her how to play!
pretties, some prettier than others apparently
Her proud moment.
Lily is quite proud of the award for Algebra 2. She had to take the course virtually and worked hard on it. She finished it 7 weeks early with an A. First child in her middle school to accomplish this.  Nuff said!

So to those that aided in this huge step, I thank you. For those that pushed and molded, ditto. For those who challenged, she thanks you and for those of you she didn't care for, well, I am sorry but frankly, we are on the same page. Being a grown up really isn't about fan clubs and popularity awards. I met, for the first time last night, her home room teacher, the one that keeps telliing the kids they are the WORST home room she has ever had. Well guess what SUSIE SUNSHINE, thank god you are only homeroom!

And I will end with this: One kid in her grade was invited to the WHITE HOUSE as a result of his science projects, the WHITE HOUSE, that presidential palace in Washington DC where the PRESIDENT lives. I think that is a huge Effing deal. HUGE. He however did not receive the most outstanding 8th grade student award, even though he appeared to be on stage racking up quite a few awards, and he made a speech,  no sirree BOB! That went to a popular girl who is in the popular teachers fan club. I hate politics. The Freaking WHITE HOUSE people.  and I detest science but credit where credit is due. I am sure I am missing something, like, like, like. he isn't an all around achiever, he doesn't play a kazoo with one eye shut.

Congrats my love, and as you move on don't forget what I say to YOU every single day when you leap out of the car, be kind and be brave, but please, be kind.


  1. Congrats, as always, are awesome! Dawn, I don't know about you but I'm having a hard time with these kids growing up way too quickly! Sniff, sniff pass the kleenex.

  2. Way to go Lily! She is truly amazing (and beautiful too)! She is brilliant - and she has such an amazing future ahead of her. That kid that went to the White House totally deserved that outstanding 8th grade student award. Dang I hate popularity contests! I know you are one proud mom - and you totally deserve to be!