Saturday, May 28, 2016

not exactly martha stewart

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Rosie doesn't care for dolls. She does however absolutely love Rocky, her American Girl. She was a gift from the grands the year we went to  New York for Christmas to see the Rockettes hence her name, Rocky and she purchased her at the American Girl store right at Rockefeller Center.  Whenever she is asked what she would like for her birthday or Christmas she always says the same thing, a gift card to AG.

Last birthday Nanny and Grandpa gave her a gift card and she bought a tent. She always makes a bedroll out of baby blankets and other things but today she asked if I could help. I pulled out the scrap bag and asked her to choose some fabric and set to work.

I have no clue really when it comes to sewing I just have an idea in my head and hope that I can make it happen with the machine and today it did. I was quite impressed. Rosie loved and it and now Lily wants one for her bunny.

Rocky's new bedroll
It rolls up
Her tent
She was skiing today, she is very athletic
I even made a pillow
have bed will travel
Oh my, I've been fired. We looked on the website and they make a sleeping bag. Apparently, Rocky needs that to go on top of her mattress. Whatever!


  1. That turned out so adorable!! I'm so impressed!

  2. Love the should market that idea!

  3. The bed roll is terrific I am so impressed as I am sure Rocky is, but.............. does she really fit into that tent?

    1. yes, she fits, actually 2 dolls fit. I was standing up when I took the photos so Rocky looks a bit like a giant in comparison to her tent.