Tuesday, May 24, 2016

8th grade prom. the not so pretties

Friday night was a big night for Lily, it was her 8th grade prom.

And that right there is the most ridiculous statement EVER.

Prom, is for high school students, it is a right of passage when they finish all their required formal schooling. But no, not any more now we have middle school proms too. Oh wait, the school calls it the 8th grade dinner dance and it sends letters home about the 8th grade dinner dance but the kids get "prom-prosals" and they are required to wear formal clothing. Of course they don't have to go and Lily wasn't sure if she wanted to at first and I left the choice up to her.

Many letters were sent home regarding "prom" with the many stipulations. A couple of weeks ago if you had met all the academic requirements and had paid for your meal a formal invitation was sent, it was nice touch.

When the chatter first started to increase and the dress shopping started Lily said there was even more chatter about limo's. Really? Kids were going in limos to a strip mall banquet hall for 8th grade prom? Noooooo, You've got to be kidding me. Then the besties mum asked if they wanted one and I said, no, I think we should save that one for high school, thank you very much though and Lily agreed. I told her I thought it was way to much. When you graduate high school, get a limo, it's special but now? Why do everything now? Leave something to look forward to.

The dress shopping was terrifying. Why? Because there is only one formal department, it isn't broken down into juniors and old farts.  You and I know what we should no longer wear "they" do not know what they should not wear yet. Thankfully my child has an inner nun. I don't know what some parents are thinking!!! I will end this paragraph here. really I don't. Ok I will end it here. Hoochy, dresses everywhere, OK here for sure. I have never seen so many Shorty Mcshort Short dresses. OK really enough said,  Trampy 13 year old girls. Oh yes I am endling it here! Boobies everywhere. Not commenting. Teach your child self respect!

One of the letters I received said all kids had to go to school on Friday or they would not be allowed to attend Prom but they could be picked up starting at 11.30 am so that they could get their hair, nails, make up etc done ( they are 13-14   years old,  their MAKE UP~ bite me). I panicked a little as I hadn't even thought about any of this for Lily. Um, kid, do you want to get an up do?  No thanks mum I'll do my hair myself and my nails. Well I knew she would do her own nails she has her own nail account on instagram.  Ok then, phew.  I did pick her up  early  but I was also given the option of taking Rosie, say what? Hell to the no she isn't going to prom!

I asked if she had a good time, she said she did. I was so glad. I asked if she danced, she said she observed! urgh, I wish she would dance but due to the wardrobe malfunction I gave her a pass. I asked if the food was good, she said it was OK but the waiters only spoke spanish and she asked for another glass of water and they couldn't understand so her bestie asked and they gave her a glass...just a glass, no water LOL we had a good laugh about that.

Why do we rush everything. 13 yrs old  at a formal? I bet half these kids don't even know the proper table settings and proper table manners. She said some kids showed up in jeans. All the correspondence stated FORMAL. It isn't a formal if you don't know how to act. I smell a rat and I think it is ridulous.

(Lisa, it all comes down to manners, and this is where it starts to go hellishly wrong when people let it slide.)


  1. Dawn.....I'm with you on this. Our thinking has a lot to do with where we were brought up but still.........it's crazy!

  2. I noticed there were 8th grade dances here in GA too! I guess that is a new thing. I totally agree about the limo - I didn't get into a limo until my senior high prom and it was totally worth the wait! Jeans to a formal? Wow. So many parents aren't teaching their kids any manners or rules anymore (or class for that matter - hoochy dresses?) and it is just sad. Lily looked so elegant - good job mom. :)

  3. You are so right! While I'm sure it was a fun time, it's totally ridiculous that this was for 8th graders! We had a dance after our promotion ceremony when I graduated eighth grade. It was fun, but it wasn't formal. Why do some (many!) parents want their kids to grow up SO fast? I don't get it. I'm always telling M not to grow up so fast. :)