Sunday, May 22, 2016

prom. the pretties.

Friday night was 8th grade prom. I picked Lily up early from school so that she would have time to do her nails, hair and all the other things necessary for her first formal. She didn't want any help, professional or otherwise, she wanted to do it all herself. Finally it was time and she was ready.

Time for some photos.

Holy Cow!
My baby girl is all grown up
But she's all stiff and not natural. let's go......
much better.
loosen up child
and we are off
and finally I put down the camera and pulled out my cell phone
here's my girl!
My favourite photos
all smiles
this is the closest this one will ever get to a long gown so I had to get a photo of her with her sis!
And then we jumped into the car and headed to the venue and Lily sent a text to her bestie, are you on your way? And the reply was, yes. We got there first and pulled into a corner of the car park we we could observe the comings and goings. The limo's and already arrived, the others were all arriving and I loved looking at their dresses. Then we saw the monster truck coming down the street, yes the monster truck. Miselas mum drives an SUV but it broke down this week and it's in the shop so that leaves the dads fun car an enormous monster truck. They know us so they pulled up next to our car and out hops the dad and runs around to help Misela get out/down in her long dress and heels. it was a sight! No sooner was she out her mum says something about her dress. Her zipper was broken. What???? Her zipper was not only broken but it was 100% stuck.

Oh no. I grab my phone and google broken zippers and how to fixes for stuck zippers but this zip is going nowhere. The dad heads to 7-11 for safety pins and we start looking for somewhere closer that might have some sort of fix. NOTHING. The venue for the prom is a "ballroom" in a strip mall somewhere on Calle Ocho ( my opinion on this is probably best kept to myself) . As we walk the strip centre everything is closed except in one corner we see a beauty salon. We go in. No one speaks ANY ENGLISH at all. Thank god Misela is Hispanic. Liberace and his partner ( only this Liberace look a like was at least 100 years older than the real Liberace ) assess the situation with such flair and finesse and then whip out a needle and thread after trying to thread the needle for five freaking minutes I take the needle from them and thread it and then Miselas mum sews Misela into her dress! The entire time Gisela, Miselas mum, is saying, Lily go to your prom you are missing so much of it and Lily is saying NO. I was so proud of Lily for not deserting her friend in her time of need.

 I don't think anyone knew I was taking photos, I really wanted to get photos of Liberace and his partner but that would have been wrong so I didn't.

a quick lesson on how to sew and Gisela took over
Misela stayed so calm
sew, a needle pulling thread
And finally, J.C. was back from his safely pin search, the dress had a band aid so to speak and the girls were ready to go but first I needed some photos. They were already 45 minutes late so a few more minutes wouldn't hurt!
letting off some much needed steam
have a great time girls.
And without any more commotion J.C. took them up to the prom just in case there was any question as to why they were so late arriving etc and so forth and with his return we all left, only to return a few hours later, where we hoped we would hear that the emergency sew job held up and for the record, it did. The girls had a great time, even if all they did was sit and observe!


  1. That will go down as a night to remember! Lily looks absolutely gorgeous. So grownup! Sniff, sniff:)

  2. They are so cute! I only went to one formal dance in high school, and I just sat and watched the fun. I was too shy to join in and I was unhappy with my date. I was such a loser! ;)

  3. Lily looked absolutely stunning!! Time please slow down!!!! That was definitely a night for the books - lol! A night that won't be forgotten!