Monday, May 9, 2016

mothers day, our way

I love spending Mothers Day with the girls doing things that we all love doing together. Nothing fancy, no posh restaurants, no fancy spas but rather being away from the crowds in a kayak. So that is where you could find us.

We decided, rather last minute, to take a long kayak ride, twice as long as we have ever done before and it was really great. Not quite sure how we got so lucky but we awoke to temps in the upper 60's which for the first week ok May is unheard of. It put the kabosh on any snorkelling though cos it was just too chilly for that. As much as I detest hot weather I do love warm water.

We got up and on the road quite early yesterday and were down in the keys  early so by the time we had finished kayaking the day was still young so I decided to head further south and we went down to Islamorada which seemed like a great idea at the time but coming home was pretty bad with the traffic. live and learn! We had a fabulous day and we are lucky to have the keys on our doorstep ( but we would rather have mountains)  Once we got to Islamorada we went to Robbies at mile marker 77.5 to feed the tarpon. It's just a silly fun thing you can do there. For $1 you buy a bucket of fish and fed these ginormous tarpon but and this is a big BUT you have to get the little fishies past the pelicans and that takes some skill or trickery.

Rosie is really quite capable now and loves to paddle whereas Lily loves to navigate and probably paddled for five minutes total 
hmmm, an unplanned matching rashie occurance.
 Not sure why she is wearing goggles, she only got wet up to her knees!!!???
silly goose
such a happy girl
hmm what big glasses you have. There's some irony here. (i trod on my glasses this weekend sob sob) 
Mr. Pelican you look so sweet and innocent
but look ..... there are so many of you
these fish will BITE. But it's so much fun to feed them
if you can get past the cute pelicans
It was so loud with all the poeple and the birds. 
This made me smile. Not cos it is cocky but because it is true. women just do so much.
Well Im not sure why this is down here but oh well, Look at my smiley girl.
My girls really surprised me. We had gone on a bicycle ride a few months ago and seen a trail but I couldn't go on it as I don't have a helmet ( yes I know, no lectures please, I don't like head wear) and then when we were in Boston Jakie had liked my scarf so I gave it to her as we packed to leave. so for Mothers day the girls replaced my scarf and gave me a bike helmet so we can ride the trail together, they truly blew me away. Rosie also wrote a magasine cover in school which was very sweet but the teacher make it a homework assignment so I knew about it??? But it's cute. Thank you to my children for making me the person that I am. I hope I reach, meet and exceed your expectations of whom a mother should be. I love you ridiculously much. xx


  1. What a perfect mother's day. I love how you girls enjoy all the little things with one another. You have such a special relationship. You are one special mama with some amazing girls!

  2. Happy Mother's Day......looks like you has lots of fun! The pic of the pelicans all lined up in the water is so funny. I want some shave ice.....please send me some!