Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Milestones don't typically faze me I tend to just roll with them. I'm not a very sentimental person so if they involve getting rid of something like a crib I usaully can't wait for them to happen. That said I am having a complete cow over Lily going to highschool. Not that it can be changed or stopped and not that I would if it were possible.

Highschools are dangerous. Almost every single day here in Miami a highschool encounters some sort of problem that needs the police. I'm not throwing her to the wolves and I am not sending her to just any high school but the statistics don't lie and they are unnerving. I know it is preparing her for life but I can think of better ways of doing that. She will encounter more drugs in the next 4 years than most adults ever did. Truth. She will probably be placed on "lockdown" at least 4billion times, Rosie has already encountered that one. Im sure she will be able to teach me a thing or 2 about weapons and the drugtrade. It's a scary world people and not one I want her to witness but the unhusbnad refuses to let me move.

So as I get ready to dive into these waters I have been looking back and the little one I see should not be heading off to places so harsh.

4.5 yrs. big sister day
5 yrs
14 months
16 months
15 months
4.5 yrs
6 months
I never have a problem letting go, its important to let her go, Im having a problem allowing others to keep her safe. Miami isn't a safe place. Urghh. I truly trist her, she has never given me a reason not to and until she breaks my trust I have to but others, how do you trust others?


  1. Oh Dawn I feel for you......I wouldn't want to have a high schooler in today's world. You just have to trust she will get through the next few years......it's all part of growing up.
    BTW the pic of her in the blue dress with the fish on it I just love.....those chunky thighs!!!!

  2. Even though M is much younger, I totally understand! The reason I'm choosing the private school route has a lot to do with the safety issues and peer influences. Even so, there are things beyond our control as parents. Praying for you and Lily as you move into this new season of life.

  3. I am freaking out just thinking about middle school. :( I totally get what you are saying about Miami. Lily is a super smart and strong girl - she will get through it just fine.