Monday, June 6, 2016


Happy Birthday my love.

I really don't know what to think about you turning 14. It seems that you will continue to get big regardless of how I feel so I better just continue to teach you, to mold and shape you, to preach to you what is important, to hope that you will stay true to yourself, to always, ALWAYS follow your heart and reach for the stars. It is my hope that your dreams and goals are always within reach for you, I'm sure they will be.

You are, and have always been an old soul and you march to your own beat. You are into a different genre of music to most kids your age, you love British T.V. shows particularly Doctor Whoso for your birthday we played up those 2 things.

I am taking you and 2 friends to your first concert to see, Panic at the Disco, next week. Your dad bought you, at your request a record player, yes, a record player and we cringed at how bad the sound is. We were thrilled and amazed at how fabulous C.D.'s sounded but you are once again delighting in vinyl. I would share some of mine with you but you'll need to talk to your Uncle Colin about them.

Your absolute favourite gift of all came from your little sis and it still has me shaking my head. When she told me what she wanted to buy you I told her she needed to keep the receipt. I truly thought she would hate it, mildly find it pleasing at best but know the child has flipped her lid over it. It is a Doctor Who, the 11th Dr., Sonic Screwdriver.  Yes, me either!

Oh how I love unique, you.

We went for dinner on Sunday so that your dad could come to and he was beyond exasperated that you chose vegetarian but you wouldn't back down. You didn't want a conventional cake either but chose intead to have your favourite cookie type bars so I made them and we placed a candle in the middle of them and we sang. Then we went again today just us and we went to Anthonys and came home and sang again.

Happy birthday my love, I hope this year holds they key to even more of your hopes and dreams.

who would have thought 
this is the band we are seeing.
oh that infamous crackle
she jumped out of her skin when she made the needle skip.
so happy
Dr Who gifts rock
Rosie was so so happy when her gift broke all gift records.


  1. I can't wrap my head around the 14! Time goes by way too quickly. Happy Birthday Lily! Love the "quirkiness" of her gifts.

  2. Finally catching up on your blog! So glad your sweet girl had a great birthday!