Wednesday, June 8, 2016

yay to the pickle

Rosie's favourite subject wasn't school this year. In fact as much as I have sung the praises of the establishment in the past this year I have become thoroughly disenchanted with the place. The girl has a very very strong mathematical mind and she is grades, yes grades, above her age level but reading...well it's been a struggle. I have approached the teacher since the 3rd week of the school yr and asked for advice and finally when that proved useless I moved up the chain of command. I was told many things but the one that infuriated me the most was, you are comparing her to her sister. No, no I am not. YOU, are not listening to her read out loud. You are doing your exercises with her and she is doing fine but please I beg of you, LISTEN to her read.

Arghh, I just wrote a long paragraph on how disgusted I am with the school and admin but I deleted it.  My girl has worked so hard this year and to say I am proud of her is an understatement.

Two weeks ago she bought home a fancy envelope inviting me to an award ceremony. I asked what it was for, she said she was one of the top 3 in her class.  Get out of here, you little rock star. So on Monday, I attended her ceremony and watched, as she smiled bright enough to over take the sun, her get that award. And I did as she asked, I wore a new dress. Girl doesn't like dresses so that one came as a surprise so I had to oblige.

She has done really well lately as she bought home the only gold fitness certificate awarded to a girl in her class and my favourite, a golden coconut award given to her by her retiring art teacher Mr. Terry, whom we all adore and will miss so very much.

my little athlete
don't look at her hair,  just the award, not sure what happened to her hair. 
that face
that, is a proud face
I have no words to say just how proud I am of you. NONE. You worked for it and you got it. Thank you for trying so very very hard.
flip your hair up missy, I cropped you out all the other fricking photos.
I love her face.
Her and Hamly, always stnad together . I hope they are together next year.
Normally now I would do a whole, thank you to the teacher speech so here goes:

 the end!

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  1. Way to go Rosie! You have some very big footsteps to follow but I love that you are your own person!