Saturday, June 11, 2016

old world

Lily has always had an old soul, it's almost as if she born at the wrong time. A few months ago she said that she wanted a typewriter? Really, a typewriter, why? She said she liked them, and liked they way the font looked on paper and how you couldn't erase what you wrote.

I remembered that about 30 minutes south of us in Homestead there are antiques shops so I promised I would take her and last Saturday, I did. Why are antique shops always so FULL. They make my brain itch from the second I walk in. I get this overwhelming urge to start decluttering and organising them. How on earth can the proprietor have a clue if they have something in stock and where it might be if they do. They also make me feel very very dirty, all those years of accumulated dirt. It must be great to just be able to walk into a store and not get bombarded by all these irrational feelings. Blech it was revolting. 

Lily was so happy just looking and admiring and imagining the stories that all the wares could tell, I on the other hand was silently dieing and Rosie was DONE! Lily discovered two typewriters but they weren't old enough and one was missing a ribbon. She didn't know how important it was to check for all the parts and the lady urged, oh they are so easy to get on eBay but I suggested we start with all the moving parts. 

Once we left we made our way north by 15 minutes to a quaint little area called Cauley Square and walked around. Even Rosie liked it here. Not much to see but unusual shops, an aviary, a hands on art studio with a wonderfully familiar artist, a few other delightful finds and a beautiful garden. Everyone was so friendly and we felt so welcome. We never did find her a typewriter but we found some lovely one off things and had a super time. 

A Royal Poinciana Flower, caught on my car
such a gorgeous statue, it reminded me of the ones on Shamian Island
Its supposed to be for weddings, it's a bit sparse
who is this adult??
theres' my pickle
I turned back to see if she was coming and oh.....busted!
I don't care for trains particularly but this is just lovely

Next up we will travel north for more antiqe shops, Hollywood has some.

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  1. Lily would love my really works. I'll have to find a picture of it.