Sunday, June 19, 2016


the girls are away so i am alone. I have a lot of work and quite a few doctors appointments so thank goodness I am busy. Yesterday I even went out on a grown up play date! That was fabulous but I am already trying to get out of one for this coming Tuesday night....too much stress.

I knew I would want something else to occupy my free time, something that I could do here at the house. Hah, have I ever mentioned that I like being here, by myself? I have huh? Last week one day when I was leaving work I picked up my phone to call the girls and I had left it open on my FB page, there staring at me was a post that said, FREE~ children's desk. without a seconds hesitation I wrote the word interested, not really knowing if I was or not. I wasn't looking for a desk but I suppose I could be. Then I read the post. Yes, I know that makes no sense but I didn't have to take it I could write, Pass, thank you. Someone had already claimed it. I called the kids and said I was on my way.

As I drove the owner of said desk sent me a message saying if I was interested to PM her so I did. She said if previous lady didn't respond in 15 minutes it was mine. I walked in the house and said to Rosie, come on we have to go and pick up your new desk. She looked a little confused, couldn't blame her.

I put this very ugly thing in my car

Ugly and not very "good" but the price was right for something I just needed to keep my busy.
I spent the week thinking about it.  The girls left on Wednesday morning and I got to work. A went to Hobby Lobby with Rosie before she left and just about hyperventilated when she chose 2 different drawer knobs. WTH? DIFFERENT? It's me, I do matchy matchy. But this wasn't about me and I realized I was going to have to think outside the box. I was not about to go orange and yellow as this was going downstairs and not in her orange and yellow room but I would think like her and not like me as much as I could.

I ended up having to take it apart and put it back together as most of the screws were falling out and it was rickety. Now at least I don't worry about her sitting at it. It's also now held together with so much paint it's going nowhere!

I finished it last night and put it all together today. I love how it looks now. I hope Rosie does.

No 2 things are the same was a challenge
I have 3 days left..........


  1. Rosie will love's definitely her!

  2. It turned out so good!! I know you missed the girls like crazy. I know you are glad to have them back home now.

    (I know you are taking a break from social media - but I have been thinking about you during this whole Brexit thing! I'm sure you have a strong opinion about it!)