Sunday, June 26, 2016

oh that concert

I never posted about lily's birthday present, her night at the concert with friends.

I survived, yay me.

The unhusband picked up Rosie and took her for the evening and I took Lily and 2 friends to see, Panic at the Disco, Weezer and someone else. The venue was Bayfront Amphitheater which even though I don't like the heat I was very happy about as this concert took place a mere 4 days after the singer was shot in Orlando and  the horrendous nightclub massacre in Orlando was only 2 days prior. I felt that being outside gave us a certain freedom. I talked to the girls as we drove to Downtown about what if's and then we parked the car and headed to the venue. There was a certain giddiness in the air and it was sweet.

We arrived early and the lines to enter were already ridiculous. As we snaked our way closer and closer a lady came up to us and said, no backpacks allowed. One of Lily's friends had a small backack. I told her to hand it over and I would happily run back to the car park from where we were but if she waited until we got to the entrance and then had me go back I wouldn't be as chippy. She handed it over and I ran. I kept in touch with the girls by phone and when I got back they had already gone through security.....with my ticket! But they were standing right there and the lady let me though. Apparently someone that looks like me is no threat at all but Lily's friend M is more of a threat and Lily a slight threat, I am judging this based on the pat down they received and the questions asked of them.  I was upset that they didn't wait for me, but no harm done.

It was a lovely evening as we were in the shade thank goodness. The crowd was a mixed bag and I was shocked to see kids Lilys age unaccompanied and also people my age there with no kids at all. Music is strange that way it appeals to the masses.

The concert started and the girls were impressed by the stage and effects etc.

This is where the magic ended for me. I hate loud, heat and crowds and as my friend Fran pointed out, germs, I hate germs but outside makes that more bearable. I crawled as far into my shell as I possibley could and only came out every now and again to see if the kidlets wanted anything.

Observations of an ultraconservative mum:
what the hell is with all the drugs in the world that are being used my young young kids??
I'm not talking weed
There were young kids there that were soooooo wasted on some pretty heavy stuff.
There were adults there with their kids, smoking pot. "scuse me it's still illegal. Don't have a shitfit if they start using it heavily if you are going to smoke with them.
Wasted adults are worse than drunk adults.

When Panic! had finished their set and the stage hands came on set to breakdown and prepare for Weezeer the kids said, we can leave now ( i heard angels sing). I said, but it's not over and they said, oh we don't like Weezer. Say what? now I really heard angels and I skipped out of the venue. Actually I couldn't cos there were too many people. but we weaved our way out and got into our air conditioned car and drove home. The girls were singing but I could barely hear them over the angels singing. I picked up Rosie and we all went home.(and showered)

I had a long talk to Lily again about drugs and it became clear that she is still clueless ( thank you K-8 centre) but that is going to change fast now as she heads into high school. She knows about them but that is about it.

K, Lily and BFF. 
Not too crowded, I can do this
happy girl
Andrew Mcmahon. 
Brendon Urie came out wearing a gay pride flag in solidarity for Orlando and addressed the horrendous event.
For such a small event they really had some decent effects. this was near the end.
As much as I am glad she likes a different type of music I hope we don't have to many more concerts in our future. I will say she was shocked at the noise. she was a little taken back that it was so shocked her chest was vibrating. yes, that.


  1. You are a good mom for taking Lily and her friends to that concert! It makes me sad and angry to think about the drug use you described. What are people thinking?! Ugh...

  2. I cannot believe all the drug use that happened at the venue! How did they sneak it in if everyone was being patted down? Ugh - crazy! Glad the girls had fun at least. Bri is going to her first concert in Nov with me and Doug. It is Pentatonix - pretty sure that isn't a pot smoking crowd. ;)

  3. It's a cruel world we live in now. It make you wish our kids could stay innocent forever but I guess it's part of growing up