Thursday, June 30, 2016

gone so long

Holy crap. I have been gone for so long but it was for a great reason. I went home and it was to surprise my daddio for his birthday. Since I couldn't keep my mouth shut even if it was a national security threat, I had to walk a way. I am useless at keeping secrets of this nature that in the end I actually had to stop talking to him. It was hard people, HARD. We were asked to say nothing to NO ONE, well that was fine but my youngest child forgot the plot and told her auntie Sally and her Uncle Colin but not until 2 or 3 days before we were arriving, yet another reason why I had to stop talking to the daddio. June 29th finally arrived and we blew this pop stand. We took the last London flight out of MIA and arrived at 10.00 am on July 1st. Chris, a step brother, picked us up and once we were close called to say our ETA and his mum said, we aren't home. HELLO!!!!! They were at my uncles house just 2 doors along but still it was hilarious. She said, hide in the car. This might be easy for some but Chris is 6'4. Fortunately they were back in the house by the time we pulled in and she told daddio to take a seat as his birthday present had just arrived and in marched Rosie, followed by Lily, and I failed to take a photo. I marched in last and by this time my very loving father was so shocked he stood up and shook my hand and introduced himself. Then he laughed and hugged me. It took him a few seconds to realise he had been had. I'm mad I have no photos of the moment. Oh well. sometimes you ilve it you don't document and that ended up being the theme for the the next fortnight. I will be back posting each day as it happened. I leave more and more of my heart behind every time I leave my family and the country of my birth. This is a fine land but it isn't my land my heart still lives there as do my peeps.


  1. That is so awesome! I bet you and the girls were the best present ever!

  2. So funny about him introducing himself! I tried that once with my mother & we couldn't find her anywhere