Friday, July 1, 2016

up and at em

I'm not much of a sleeper, I figure there will be plenty of time for sleeping when I'm dead. My job now is to live every minute, well that's the excuse I give myself for my lack of sleeping.

I woke up hours and hours before anyone else and took myself out into the garden to have my coffee and enjoy the tranquility of the moment with the flowers, the birds and the chickies.

wandering down the path
old milk churns
young black bird drinking from the fountain
the lawn cicular lawn
a hidden bench
the "girls", Gertie and Daisy
looking back towards the house
outside the kitchen where the madman hoovers
the workshop door
beyond that green gate lies a whole other world where my father creates magic
gertie or daisy, I'm not sure but wither way it's one very tame chickie. Ro says it's Gertie
the summer house...which we weren't even using as it wasn't summery
All of these photos were taken at about 6.30 to 7am and it was so light. The sun rose around 4.50 each morning and didn't set until 9ish each night. It totally screwed with Rosies bedtime. Oh how I love the seasons.

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  1. Love, love love your father's garden.....everything from the chickens to the summer house! Hope you had a wonderful time with your family:)