Saturday, July 2, 2016

living life not documenting

I failed to take my camera out of its bag for a few days and spent most of my time taking photos with my phone. I was so happy and content being at home that I was living life and not documenting it. I love that Rosie isn't attached to me and that she will disappear and follow her grandpa around. She will take herself off on little adventrues but mainly she just attaches herslef to him and does whatever he is doing, and does it with the biggest smile.

They had to care for some guinea pigs for a few days and that was a job that was taken oh so seriously. Of course not the feeding, nor the cleaning, Nanny and I could do that but the handling and the loving was the part that was given their full attention, which frankly was fine by me! As soon as the words, do you want tog ot to Uncle Mikes were uttered, they were already in the car.

meet Charlie
they are quite friendly but you won't catch me touching them, oh no
this is Lee
That face
I LOVE this photo
The girls also helped Grandpa whehter he needed it or not
And Rosies favourite activity was bouncing.
free as a bird
sometimes the big sister joined in 
I liked the flowers
Ive never seen pink daisies before
Much later in the day we had one of many celebrations for daddys birthday and Stuart and Beverly came over along with Sally and Andy. I was able to snap one of my favourite photos of the trip.
I call it: that Unlce Andy is a really bad influence.
A little later this lovely rainbow appeared
This rainbow was one of many while we were there. A river runs behind daddys house and I think that has something to do with it.

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  1. Beautiful pics. Love the ones of Rosie on the spirit!