Sunday, July 3, 2016

my favourite walk and more celebrations

Very picture heavy.

The girls and I got up early on Sunday and decided to walk up to Clifton via the the 3 planks. This is probably my favourite place to be in the entire world. It is so peaceful and a place where I spent many hours as a child. In the summer I kayaked in the winter I tobogganed and the rest of the year I walked the dogs with my family, played with friends and got chased by my sister and brother and lost many a pair of wellies. So many memories and just a beautiful part of the world. It was the annual raft race and I was not expecting it to be so busy.
the public allotments. I wish more places here had these. All homes in Olney have beautiful gardens but if you want more space to grow veggies you can rent these.
where we were heading
the church, last time I went in there I came out married...I avoid it it like the plague now. LOL
telling the time on a fairy clock
it wasn't quite ready
the first plank, now and actual bridge
do you think anyone checks if you have the correct fishing license?
we were THAT close to the bullocks
one of these cows is not like the others
I want to stay here forever
I think this is plank 2
to the right of this photo are many pairs of my wellies. IF you ever meet my sibs ask them why they did this to me
MUD and muck
cleaning the wellies . This is the river I canoed in, it is COLD
view from the top
running down...another person...hmmmm I did say it was busy
picking up speed
mum, are you sure this is right?
just a couple of Canada Geese
not a typical sight in the English countryside. The divers were checking the waters for the raft race.
The bullocks are totally unfazed by the pedestrians
Much later in the day we went over to Sally and Andy's house to celebrate my father again. His birthday is on the 4th.
This is Taylor, my seesters grandson. Look carefully at his lip, he had a close encounter with the dishwasher. He is about to be missing his top tooth from the same encounter. It wasn't pretty but he was brave. He is very very lovely.

Tiff and Lily, my great neice. I have no photos of her extremely beautiful mum as her eyes were shut in all of them. 
My Nephew, and Taylor
boys will be boys


  1. Dawn these pics of your walk made me soooo homesick. They represent everything we love about where we grew up!

  2. I absolutely love reading all your posts about visiting home. It is so beautiful. There is no doubt I could live there!

    I love how close your girls are to your dad. I was super close to my grandpa (mom's dad) and I followed him around to. I really miss him.

  3. You are doing nothing for my wanderlust! I would love to see that part of the UK. ;)