Monday, July 4, 2016

stoke bruerne

On the day of my fathers actual birthday we chose to got out for the day.  We went to Stoke Bruerne which is a long boat museum and quite a nice area. The girls have never seen anything like it and that  is a fact. Rosie got quite a pro at opening and closing the locks.

Something like this is so hard to find anymore. It is it's own special place in this world
nope didn't buy any

truly, it didn't look like a train at all
many on the the barges were live-on many had dogs, this one went a step further.
the blacky. 
Nanny explaining the lock
Grandpa doesn't like posing so you just "snap 'em" quick
ohhh how I miss this kind of stuff
the other side of the lock
we stopped for lunch and ate outside. the table next to us went to the bathroom and this little sparrow wasted no time helping himslef to the mans lunch
nom nom

our restaurant was on the water and we had company. grandpa suggested Rosie offer up some lunch.
She did and her friends came and ate.
It was a really lovely day and only fired us up for more lovely days to come.


  1. Hi Dawn...did you know that Grandma Brownbridge was born here?

    1. No, I didn't. I assumed she was from Yorkshire too. thank you

  2. Beautiful......oh summer in England. Typical. Eating outside with your coat on:)

    1. it was really really chilly that day, the only day when I have to say I was cold. Lily didn't a cardy or anything and she must have been freezing, I did share mine but...only sometimes