Thursday, July 7, 2016

woburn safari park

There is no doubt that one of our absolute favourite things to do at home is go to Woburn Safari Park. It is brilliant and when Grandpa and Nanny suggested we all go together well that was just about as bonkers as you could get. We packed a picnic and off we went.

We drove around the safari as soon as we arrived and not much was happening, in fact, it was really quite flat and disappointing, we didn't even get one monkey walking on the car and when you are at Woburn that it a MUST. Don't get me wrong, we still saw a lot of different animals but this is Woburn, it's a knock your socks off experience not just a mediocre one.

Before lunch.
Rosie took this, sadly it was as close to a monkey on a car as we were going to get.
I was sad to see that the the heffalumps were behind wire but happy to see an entire family
a bear, right there
then we stopped for lunch and checked out the walking part of the park.
Lily made a friend and she kept coming quite close for her own private lunch fare.
meerkats......everyone agreed they really are darned cute
slow and old, old and slow
penguins. I knew it wasn't the warmest of English summers but PENGUINS, really. hah

look at meeeee
that's some green water!
We walked and walked and had an ice cream, that's what you do in England, you have ice cream and Rosie went on a long long slide and then we decided to drive around one last time just in case things were better and the animals were feeling slightly more cooperative.

It was a grand decision.
And one that did not disappoint.

Late in the afternoon the animals are up and at 'em
wow, just wow.
Don't forget all the photos are taken through CLOSED are windows.
look he has a tiny bit missing from his tongue
I AM handsome.....and close to you. very close to you
all these admirers are exhausting me
the king of the jungle
oh how I love the way they look

This is a MONKEY . on the roof of our car. I cannot even begin to explain how excited Rosie was. Even the teenager was giddy as can be. This is looking up through the sun roof.
Lily stared at him and he thumped the glass and scared the bejeezus out of us all. 
sad to think we even need these signs.
This was a day that the girls will cherish forever, a day out with Nanny and grandpa. thank you so much nanny and grandpa. Oh and I loved it too, so so much.


  1. I love that place........I remember going as a kid. That is an animal park!