Saturday, July 9, 2016


As soon as I knew I was going home I knew that some how I had to see my brother. He has gone to hell and back since I saw him in December and I wanted to see him with my own eyes, to hug him with my own arms and just to know he was ok. Guess what, he is? He is a even more of a hero in my eyes now than ever before.

I had an old iPhone that I had thrown in a drawer and it was time to move him into the world of iPhones so Lily and he sat down for a very fast, too fast for him, lesson in phone technology. He made a few notes and seemed to catch on. It's easy if you don't panic. Then we headed into Cambridge for a music festival/ family day with my sister and BIL Andy.

Oh hear, this is not going to boost your confidence in technology at all Colin as these photos have loaded all out of order for some peculiar reason.

this was on the wall of the coffee shop, I thought it was lovely
Well you ordered all that food, don't look so shocked!
Learning the ins and outs before we left
No mistaking what this shop is or where it is.
hmmm, not sure about the name.
From St Ives we caught the bus into Cambridge for the festival. In a place as massive as Cambridge it always astonishes me how many people my brother bumps into that he knows. Truly it is quite amazing!
how they love him
we were photo bombed by Ushka, she is going to teach Colin how to use his phone and good lord, someone needs to. Snort.
Do you see his shirt. Crew for Rod Stewart. BE STILL MY effing HEART.
OK Mr Technology, lets see you snag this photo and use it on your FB page.
Don't hate me cos I'm beeyoutiful
happy, grumpy teenager
we had a restaurant with a view
I don't know why I took this
a clock
After the festival we went to an authentic Chinese restaurant. I haven't been to one quite so authentic since China!! They had ducks, hanging by their necks!!!! It smelt funky. But on a very very positive note, and I am all about the upside it had custard buns, very very good custard buns. We took the bus back to big brothers house and relaxed in the garden. My seester and I were in the kitchen and I turned to her and said, very quietly ( and this is very out of character for me as I am Miss down to earth) Jon is here in this house, I feel him he is here with Colin. and with that we both smiled. The man had a huge presence and he is there.


  1. Oh the memories........spent a lot of my earlier life in Cambridge. How great for you to spend time with your brother:)

  2. Love seeing you with your siblings. <3