Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A friend of mine has a brother, well she has a couple, but she has one in particular who has a thing for me. I found this out not five minutes after my divorce and I laughed cos frankly I am so not ready to entertain any thoughts of a man in my life. I have met him and he is nice but every single member of this family is lovely and I have known them forever so thinking about them in a different light...NO.

She mentions him occasionally and makes suggestions, not those sorts of suggestion, suggestions like, why don't we get together and i say, no thank you. A couple of situations have arisen where we would be at the same place at the same time but I have usually had to change my plans but this weekend we were at the same place. First off I was working and my kiddoes we with me at the house and unbeknownst to me he was there. Apparently he made a huge impression on the kids. They told me what a nice person he is and Lily went as far to say that if I wanted to date him she approved, Where the heck did that come from. She said when I finished work and appeared he got all goofy and tongue tied, I sadly didn't notice, I was not paying attention to him.

Later that night we were at a party together and  the man was funny. I didn't realise that he was flirting. I truly must be thick as a plank cos it took 2 people to point it out. I'm out of the dating circle. I will say however that it was really really nice to have someone be so sweet and kind. "he" was so attentive and paid me compliments, did you hear that, he paid me compliments!

I don't have any interest in dating, I have my girls to raise, it's a full time job, and I have a job and that little thing called school. I'm spread pretty thin right now and I am also deliriously happy with where I am in life. i was married ridiculously young and I am loving this independence so much.

Spending time with 'him" would be fun, we love the same kind of stuff but it won't work as our intentions are clearly very very different.

So if you have plans to set me up, place them on hold, or not, chances are I won't notice anyway.


  1. Only you Dawn wouldn't notice a complement. You know what they say life is short, too short!

  2. I understand where you are coming from but, then again, he sounds really nice and fun. It is hard to find a good one. Just sayin'... ;)