Saturday, April 2, 2016


When asked how they wanted to wrap up Spring Break the made a unanimous decision on the spot, they wanted to go to PenneKamp. PenneKamp is one of my most favourite days out, without question.

All they wanted was time in a kayak and so that was what they got. We have been allowing Rosie to take over the paddles more and more and on Friday she proved herself as competent, not that I would let her go it alone yet, even Lily cannot do that.

It was quite windy all day and I wasn't sure if we should do it or not but a quick chat with the people that count and they told us to hug the shoreline once we hit the open waters of the Atlantic and we would be fine but if we didn't............... good luck. Rosies face when she hears that was priceless, the child worries incessantly.

Once we were all aboard everything went off without a hitch and we beat all previous speed records. It had something to do with the speed in which we paddled the open waters of the Atlantic. Without saying a word Lily and I both knew it was make or break time and we just went for it. As she is getting older we tend to have this unspoken connection and it is fabulous. (any time you can get Lily to use NO words is always fabulous. LOL )

My fashionista getting ready to go, A bikini with socks. 
Easter weekend and the only road down to the Keys was sailing along!
Not sure why they give you a map, the ocean is not marked and mangroves are not easily signposted.
In perfect sync
Ditto. so long as Rosie calls the speed, much like a metronome she does well
Rosie doing all the work
heading back into Pennekamp

After kayaking we spent time just enjoying the park, no one is ever in a hurry to leave and it doesn't matter how busy it seems judging by the car park we always find it nice and quiet
I have no idea what kind of bird this is, He was bright yellow. Since a big camera and a kayak don't mix I had to make do with my phone
This woodpecker was hard to get a photo with my phone!
Always with the goggles
Only you could make glasses and braces look SO good. 
barely a splash
the ponytail....snicker
trying for a bigger splash.
rinsing off
child detests sandy feet
and will spend 10 minutes cleaning them, obsessively
they have 100s of these. I wonder how many go out at one time
No, we didn't see this outside, this is in an aquarium
My Super Hero running willy nilly through the woods with her cape.
And just like that, Spring break ended and that was a week ago cos I suck at blogging.


  1. You girls have the best adventures!

  2. Mark & Dani went kayaking while they were in the Keys & said they couldn't believe what hard work it was! You guys must be in great shape👍👍

  3. What a beautiful and peaceful day!