Wednesday, April 13, 2016

when the sista has a steller idea

The sista from another mista was coming over from israel to visit her daughter for a couple of weeks and said, join me. I said, um but, she said, don't give me that shit, or some such words. Then she said things that made me say, you can't do that and she said, I already have and we went.

The girls didn't have school on Friday due to a teachers work day so we flew out in the afternoon. We were so excited to see her, but so so excited. I miss Jakie so very much as do the girls. At the exact time that our plane got in Caro had a dance performance that Jakie was attending so we took a cab to the hotel. since it was freezing (literally) we decided to go for a walk and find something for dinner cos we miss cold weather and we really are that nutty. One thing I always remember about Boston is how cold it is, what ever the temperature is you have to minus at least 15 degrees to get the feels like temp. It's brutally cold there. Friday night was no different. The same temperatures that we had in England this past Christmas yet it was 100 times colder....I don't get it.

Finally around 11pm Jakie joined us at the hotel and the party started and didn't end until we checked into the airport on Sunday. It was the best weekend. We had a really fantastic time and even got to see Aunties Fran and Shell.
we don't have tunnels in Floriduh so the Callahan tunnel was a big thrill
Checked into the hotel and straight onto the balcony for a selfie in the cold
I loved the cold and the Boston skyline
a glimpse of our night time stroll


  1. You're can anyone love it that cold!!!!!!!!