Thursday, April 14, 2016

when friends become family

Saturday morning we all woke up early, some of us much  earlier than ohers because we didn't want to miss a second of the fun (insert Rosie and I and anyway what's wrong with 5am). We dressed and dressed and dressed cos when you put on that many layers you just can't call it getting dressed because you get dressed and then you do an encore performance of the exact same thing! Also, we don't ever have to dry our hair here in Miami( I do cos I am a freak about my hair but that is a whole other story) but when it is cold you have to dry your hair or your head will quite literally freeze and that is a very strange sensation. Eventually we were ready to go for now I think it was 3 pm. I'm kidding.

The brisk morning view from our 18th floor view at the Revere
It was COLD
we took ages trying to figure out where we were. We knew where we were going and how to get there. LOL see that big yellow dot! yes. we were there. duh.
just a street
and another street
inside the paramount 
I do love old architecture
Our balcony
the crisp morning, I swear I can feel the crspness looking at this photo
this contraption was massive
The masonic building of Boston for those that do or did
even in the morning light the paramount stands out with all its lights.
You know you are with family when nothing is rushed, everything is calm, no one says things just to keep the peace. If we don't like something or don't want to do something we say so. Jakie and I get along so easily. My girls adore her. and we always always have fun, and laugh so much. I haven't been to Boston in a few years and really really wanted to say hi to Aunties Fran and Shell. The only "family" left in from my marriage. I love them and wasn't about to skip town without letting them know we were there.

We arranged to meet for lunch so we took Uber out to Saugus and met in a family favourite restaurant.

bridges, maybe it's an English thing who knows but I love them
I can't even count how many times I have been to Bean Town and I had no idea Converse were made here, NONE
a nudder bridge
and anudder
2 very happy girls with Auntie Fran
spot the nutter
Auntie Shell said lift your chin high.
truly mad!
Most people go to New England for the Seafood but not us, Chinese food all the way. After lunch we drove over to the Christmas Tree Shop and spent a truly nutty hour with Fran Shell and Shells Dad, Bob. We laughed so much and frankly I am surprised we weren't asked to leave. Then it was a trip to Dunkin' Donuts for a pick me up before we said good bye. Sad sad sad. I love these ladies, Bob too but he's not a lady. they are so kind to the girls and as mad as us. We jumped back in Uber and headed back to the Hotel we had a big performance that night. The whole reason we were in Boston for the weekend was to see Carolina perform in her play. She is a very talented dancer and singer but this was Shakespeare.(yikes). I did say we didn't stop. I took video of Caro on stage but not photos Silly me so I stole these form her Facebook page. She stole the show and I am not just saying that. Her fight scene at the end was amazing but sadly she was killed. Real, we all came so far to see her especailly her mum and she died. huh.
Image property of Carolina Saverin.
Image property of Carolina Saverin
truly a fierce performer and child! back to the hotel for another very late night, but the girls are pros at this now.

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