Friday, April 15, 2016

not so fast

Sunday morning we knew we had to get up early as we were meeting Carolina and her boyfriend Sam for breakfast at 7.15. It had to be that early as she had an appointment. So we got up super early again and started to get ready. The child we were missing Facetimed in from Israel and we were able to not her miss her for a few minutes but it wasn't the same as having her with us. We raced to breakfast, raced through breakfast and raced back to our room. The life of a college student .

I've never figured out how people can eat in the morning. Coffee only please.
My pickle loves her Jakie so much. Jakie, or her version of it was one of her first words.
Our hotel offered a rooftop pool and as even though we knew it wouldn't be warm enough for the girls they still wanted to see it. The only rooftop pools I have ever seen are outdoor pools, I was baffled that this one was indoors but helloooo it's Boston it would need to be I imagine. My Florida brain doesn't think outside the box anymore. The rooftop was lovely and photo ops were prevalent.

so much fun together
the pickle
the big girl
fun loving kiddo
Love this shot of Jakie
we laughed the entire time
love this
no reason
good times
I really wanted to go to ChinaTown before we left and it was just a few minutes walk from the hotel so that was next on the agenda. Of course we didn't head straight there we meandered hither and thither, visiting, seeing and doing but we got there eventually. Miami doesn't have a Chinatown, and every time we have gone to a big city the unhusband has never been interested. In fact when I mentioned that we were going he tried to talk me out of it telling me it was the red light district. It might have been and I am sure it still has some activity but guess what, its a Chinatown and it was fabulous. Since we weren't looking for hookers we didn't find any. We saw more, in fact, outside the White Swan.

The China Trade Centre is located just outside China town
It's a gorgeous building and offers many Chinese services
As we rounded the corner to enter Chinatown proper we were greeted by a firetruck and police cars. My first thorught was, damn I'm finally here and it burnt down but just as we approached they turned off their lights and drove off.

And for a short amount of time my girls looked the same as everyone else and Jakie and I were the odd ones out. 
The entrance
I love the lanterns every where
Rosie with the Fu dog (which is actually a lion)

We walked around taking everything in and deciding where we wanted to go for Dim Sum. I was also trying to scout out a place for jakie to go back to during the week for a massage. I had the best massage of my life in China and I wanted her to experience the same thing. She was a little sceptical but thankfully allowed me to take the lead. She has since been back for her appointment and will be returning before leaving Boston. HAH!

As for a restaurant I sort of ruined everyones lunch when I strolled into a bakery looking for egg custards and everyone went mad over the selection and started ordering random items. Pork buns, egg custards, custard buns, coconuts buns, bread, all sorts of hot out of the oven treats in an immaculate bakery. Sadly we ate out of the bag as we walked, we are classy like that. When in Rome.

 Next we headed into all sorts of little shops looking at their quirky and oh so typical Chinese wares.  I found this "Lovely Shop" delightful.
We spent ages just walking around looking but sadly we knew we had to start clock watching. We had already checked out of the hotel and and checked into Caros apartment so we headed slowly back there to get our things. We stopped on the way at Jakies office for a hot chocolate.
To you it might be a Starbucks, to Jakie it is her office LOL
Sadly it was time to go to the airport, our flight was at 5. The driver showed up super fast and there was no time for, see you soon, which in a way was good. Before we knew it this was our view.
Sis, I can't thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart it was the best. We had so much fun. We miss you and are crossing our fingers that you and Lu will be here any day.


  1. Beautiful pics......beautiful memories for the girls!

  2. What an awesome trip! I love Boston - haven't been there in years. Since before Bri came home. Lots of amazing memories made!