Friday, April 22, 2016

my, never humble, opinion

It's been a very long time since I flew in this country as a member of the general public and not as the wife of an employee of a major airline, in other words, I haven't been a paying customer for over 20 yrs. People a lot has changed, like a LOT.

I flew to England last December on my favourite carrier in the world and let me tell you that was a whole different experience than this domestic cattle car that I travelled in the other day.But as always I will bring you the humourous aspect of it all.

  • Who knew you had to pay to check your bags? Actually I think I might have but that seems so absurd and ridiculous to me that I might have forgotten. Now I get why every single time I have flown in the main cabin, there was NEVER any space in the overhead bins. People take their shit on board with them so they don't have to pay. It's genius of them, sort of. 
  • And those bags that you check and have to pay for, well who knew they couldn't be more than 50lbs or there was a $100 fine. Get out of here, this is ridiculous. I take everything with me when I fly and I check the lot. I don't want a tonne of small bags and I only want one, or maybe two at the most, cases to schlep about. My bags are big and beefy. When I checked us in an employee came over to be polite, helpful, a pain in the arse, you choose and she pointed out if my bag was heavy to place some things in carry on. That's when I found out why. Hah, our bag weighed exactly 50lbs. LOL
  • Next question, seats? We were separated by few people but I wasn't ever so bothered. The lady said, would you like to sit together? If you want to move to this aisle seat it will be another $69. I kid you not I nearly dropped the F bomb. So let me see if I have got this right, you've charged me the price of a seat, you've charged me to bring my clothing and wash kit and now you want to charge me $69 so that I can sit with my family. BITE ME. People I am not cheap but these things are part of the flying experience. Of course I am going to be checking a bag, I am flying with my children for a get away. We will need to wash and change clothing so that we don't smell and catch a disease. I truly find this all extremely funny.
  • Finally on board, Ro in the window seat, me in the middle, fabulously interesting business man to my left and my oldest daughter god knows where, actually she was across the aisle at the other window. Business man starts a conversation and it's about work. We talk about every aspect of it, he should have been in First Class but no room Mr. Loyal Customer, sit in the cattle car. Such service. Then came the snack cart pushed my an employee with a face so angry looking I actually believed she might have been in pain. I am British, I have exemplary manners but you would have thought that both Mr Business Man and I were something filthy on the bottom of her shoe and something unsavory with no manners and definitely not the reason why she has a job and definitely not the reason for her job. He and I started to laugh, I might have started it and I/we couldn't stop. If you HATE your job that much, change it. Life is short and is all about decisions.I know for a fact you can move about in a company, that one at least. 
  • The flight was short, just over 3 hours, thank goodness. 
  • Flying domestically is now equivalent to riding the Greyhound bus. 
  • Luckily for me, I find the humour in most everything cos that big airline is a joke. 
  • It takes most families forever to save up for a family vacation and to be treated so blah is a shame. 
  • Yes, I know that 90% of the general public are rude obnoxious and demanding but don't get a job working with them if you can't handle it. I don't!
  • I started flying as a very young child and we dressed for the occasion and the stewards and hostesses were polite. Maybe it's time to act like flying is something special again and not the bus. 


  1. Oh I am so with you on this.....they will soon be charging us to use the loo!!!!!

  2. I haven't flown in a while, but you are absolutely right. Whenever possible, I try to fly Jet Blue. I like their wide seats and televisions. When we flew to Hawaii in 20013, my dad upgraded us to First Class. I could get used to that... ;)