Friday, March 25, 2016

looking for edventure

One of my clients told me all about this fabulous sounding placed where they had gone with their kids and grands. I had never heard of it so I googled it and it sounded really wonderful so I packed up some lunch and off we headed.

A couple of times I was a little freaked out about the size of the enclosures that the animals were in but each time if I read the attached literature there was a good explanation. Safari Edventure is a rescue site for animals seized the various authorities. Most of the times people have owned all of these animals as pets and this is not allowed so they end up here or in some cases it is allowed but they get too big etc and so forth. I just have to say that I know that every one of us is different and many people own exotic pets but the one that flawed me was Roger the Kangaroo, I think that was his name, regardless, who the hell owns a kangaroo? A kangaroo people, they are huge. I have visions of some twit in a high rise having him boing all over the place......sheesh.

Since you all know how I love to get really close to animals this day was solely for the girls enjoyment and I was merely the driver and photo taker.

As soon as we walked in we headed to the amphitheater where a show, not the right word, was starting. Now as you look at these photos don't forget all of these were pets! I still keep shaking me head!

I'm not sure why she is smiling
this one either????
Lancelot...and there was a lot of him
hedgehogs are common pets over here??? 
that is a baby skunk and even though it was too young to spray it smelled horrid but was cute
A possum, who the hell has one of these for a pet?? Anyhoo whatever, but look at its little thumbs, aren't they cute.
There were a few more animals in the show but either the photos weren't good or it was impossible to photograph them. After this we walked around the entire place and let the Edventure continue. The girls were in heaven

Merlin, the baby sloth. 
A full grown sloth will tear you to shreds with his razor sharp teeth but not Merlin and since his Mama was a few feet away and they move at the speed of, well sloths, all was good.
A face only a mother can love.
Why no photos of Lily with Merlin? She was so excited at the chance to pet a sloth that she asked me to take her photo with her phone, so I did and didn't get one with the camera, I failed to get the photos from her.
an Arctic wolf cub
And Rosie petting this wolf cub with it's mother not 2 ft away. I was about to go all "mummy" on her when a worker said, no she is fine they can pet the mum too she is so friendly she was an owner surrender. WTH? Who owns wolves. don't answer
OK so this hand does not belong to us. A lady found cheerios on the floor and started to feed this monkey . Turns out it was fine but I thought she was mad.
The grounds were gorgeous
Trump feathers.
A grimace I believe

Rosie said, take a photo mama, so I did
they fed pigs. yummy bacon
Lily double dutying. Taking photos and feeding
This next encounter really flawed me. Who thinks wolves are pets? I must say that they were everso friendly but........
I did not let the girls do this
as you can see I am quite far back
the parents, the kids were out playing, no really they were
that face
Im not sure that this fella was a pet, peacocks are prevalent here so they probably just showed up, liked it and moved in
Mama wolf ?!?!
My orchids should look so healthy
random pretties
more bacon
You will fall in love with me.
This poor old guy is blind now and needs cataract surgery. 
again I ask, a pet?
I cannot believe this is on our back doorstep and I have never heard about it. Great fun day out. We left for a while and had a picnic and then went back, make sure to get a reentry ticket if you plan on doing that.They have picnic tables everywhere but I can't eat with all those animals thank you.


  1. The picture of Lancelot confused me......who was holding his head?

    1. if you look closely you can see that he is about to eat Lilys arm, his head is curled back towards her right (in photo) elbow

  2. What a cool place! It is crazy that people had those animals as house pets. Very selfish and shortsighted of them.

  3. What a neat place. I cannot believe people had these animals as pets. Unbelievable.