Sunday, March 20, 2016

those 4 words

Be There, the Fair, every year Miami Dade county uses the same 4 words in it's advertising campaign for the fair and those four words fill me with dread. I am one of only a few people that truly hate the damn thing. everyone says well if you don't like the rides you must love the food, or if you don't like the food, the shows are amazing. WHATEVER. I hate the frigging thing and let me tell you why LOL

1. It's filled, filled with billions of people.
2. I don't think they have ever bathed.
3. dirty dirty dirty dirty
4. that amazing food? Not so much. fried greasy yucky.
5. loud, sorry what did you say, I can't hear you? LOUD
6. Miami, outside, 86 degrees.
7. read #6 add to that people don't bathe!

But every year I go because:

1. Lily
2. Rosie
3. right of passage and they love it

2 weeks ago Rosies teacher literally begged me to chaperone the school field trip to the fair so I said yes. Rosie was thrilled. This adds a whole other dimension of gross icky to the equation, the school bus. The school trip happened on Friday.  Only 12 kids woot woot, that would make it fun for sure. I love seeing how excited kidies get on a field trip, it must be such a huge adventure for them and something so fun.

I love how American kids have no idea how to make a peace sign. 
I love the swings but I stayed with the non riders
there's my girl
My girl and her bestie playing hand games. Angelicas mum was the other chaperone, we had fun.
there's that peace sign again....sigh
Having fun
not having fun
only my child drinks water and not soda at the fair. go girly Sweet kids
Lunch...and it was revolting!
the worlds worst driver
bless theri little cotton socks they had so much fun
Angelica looks terrified  as she should
It was hot and the lines awful, the kids were able to ride 4 stinking rides. seriously that was it! I have a tonne of tickets left over from the cheapest packet available (and it wasn't cheap) Hey ho. Lets move on. Spring break baby...lets go


  1. Where have I been.....I'm two posts behind! You are a hero in Rosie's eyes. Was she actually going to eat that piece of pizza? I can't believe you don't like rides.....didn't you go to the fair when you were growing up?

  2. The Youth Fair! I went to the Youth Fair as a kid! I swear I rode those exact same swings when I was 12. No joke. Brings back memories!!!